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    Unhappy Lost Puppy off Chat Holly rd.

    My family has a lost puppy. She was last seen at our home on ChatHolly rd. at about 6:45am on 6/23/08. We have thoes out side doors that have springs and the door was open enough for her to push it and get out.She is kind of skidish around other people outside of our home,due to the fact she was born in our home and only left 2 times to go to the vet.We noticed her gone around 7:15am. We have searched the area high and low.I feel like someone saw her running wild and took her in.(at least thats what we are praying for.)
    So she is about 5 1/2 months old. Mix breed, looks like a blood hound,lab,sheperd mix.Short hair, Orange/Blond and white with a big black nose and Black eyeliner. She has a white tipped tail and spots on her tummy.No collar.
    She is about knee height(avarage) and has a long nose and tail(you can tell she is going to be really big. I am trying to see if we happend to take any picz of her. Please,Please if you think you have any information regarding our puppy please e-mail us at or respond to this.
    Thank you for your time and help!!!! :)

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    Smile She found us!!!!!

    Well about 10 minutes after this orgional post out puppy came running home and bust back in that same door. lol My daughter is so happy!!!!!
    I guess we will never know where our puppy was all day but we are glad she came home.

    Thnaks again!!!!!!

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    Nice to hear it turned out OK get the dog a collar and tags! (That would apply to anyone who might be distraught if they lost their pet!)

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    But hey...Top Ramen tastes a whole lot better when you eat it off of a Granite Countertop. (Mr & Mrs Too Much Homebuyer)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHELLY View Post
    Nice to hear it turned out OK get the dog a collar and tags! (That would apply to anyone who might be distraught if they lost their pet!)

    The injectable chips don't hurt either.

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