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  1. FREE Yellow Lab Puppy

    Please call 231-4920 for more info. 1 1/2 year old, shots, AKC registered, house-broken. Great companion, loves kids/other dogs. She needs a good home--soon!

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    Any luck finding her a home?

  3. No...

    please call if you or anyone else is interested. She needs a good home! 231-4920
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    do you have any pictures to post?

    FYI......the love of my life is a brother to this little girl lab....and these pups are the truly the sweetest natured Labradors in the world! You wont have a moment of trouble with this lab should you decide to give her a new home.

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    Yes, please post some photos and we will get the word out!

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    We are very interested. Will you reply back with some pictures and a bit more information?

  7. Yes-thanks for the advice. She usually has a toy, a football or soccerball in her mouth, so I will work on getting her to pose au naturel for some photos tomorrow in order to get a good shot of her sweet face. :)

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    She is cute- what a great face!

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    Found a Home??

    Just saw your post! Was wondering if you found her a home yet? Have been wanting to buy a lab for the past few months and would be very interested, if she hasn't already been scooped up! You can email me at or call (304)667-2903

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    Interested in cute yellow lab

    House of sand and dog has two black labs but room for another. Send me an email if she hasn't found a home yet. Kelly k-bomb@mchsi

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    Quote Originally Posted by genevievetorrey View Post
    oh, she's beautiful. what is the princess's name? I know she will choose the perfect home.
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    Please keep us posted. We all love happy endings!
    Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell

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    Does this puppy have a home??

    Lab lover wondering....... Kelly

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    Did puppy find a new home? Wondering if she's still looking for that perfect spot? (If so, I think we have it!)

  15. Sorry for the delay in responding back to this thread...

    ...and thanks to all of you for your generosity and willing to help us find a home for the pup. She HAS found herself a new home with som locals and, from what I understand, already has herself a beach permit! Thanks again and god bless-GRT

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