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    Found Black Lab Puppy and PSA!

    A friend found a black lab puppy (probably a mix between 6-9 months old) in the neighborhoods in PCB about a mile past Publix/Winn Dixie. He looked for owners for several days but didn't find anyone.
    Said pup is now living with us. We will be taking him to the vet for shots, heartworm treatment and to be neutered this week. After that, he is ours. If you lost him, please contact me immediately.

    By the way, all animal shelters are full and not accepting any more animals. If you have room in your home (and heart) for a dog or cat, please consider adoption. Check with our local shelters. You can even do online pet dating to find your perfect match. Go to PETFINDER.COM and find pets available in your area that match your specifications.
    Quit whining and RUN!!

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    So great that he has a good home! Reminder- the best thing everyone can do is to spay or neuter your pets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wracso@hotmail. View Post
    the best thing everyone can do is to spay or neuter your pets.
    That is what my husband said until I made it clear that if he wants to keep the pup, HE has to take him to the vet for that procedure.
    Quit whining and RUN!!

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