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    We just got connected to this magazine called YES. The winter issue is based on the theme of The Pursuit of Happiness. Just read a couple of articles and felt like we wanted to share.

    Be Happy Anyway
    by Sarah van Gelder and Doug Pibel

    The economic boom didnít bring us (or the planet) happiness. So maybe thereís an upside to the downturn.

    ďThe pursuit of happiness.Ē Itís so American that itís in our Declaration of Independence, where itís listed alongside life and liberty as an inalienable right.

    But how successful have we been in that pursuit? And now that the global finance system is imploding, how likely is it that weíll be happy in the coming months and years?

    Read the Full Article by Clicking Here

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    Thanks for sharing, great article. I think I am ready to return to a more simple lifestyle. Keep my car 10 years, buy less, but enjoy more.

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    Thanks for sharing--timely--just talked to my cousin who has a Leather/ Shoe Repair busines--it is NOW booming--people are going the re-soled (and re-souled too) route more than ever!
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    Beautiful... placed this article on my bookmark toolbar for EZ access on those days when a extra inspiration is called for.

    We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly ~ Sam Keen

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    Great article! I always tell my kids, happiness is a choice! We will make it through these down times and we will all be better people on the other side. I think we are exactly where we are supposed to be.
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