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    Found female black lab puppy

    At the Black Creek General Store in Freeport today a man was sitting outside of the store with two puppies, saying they were just dumped off, one a female black lab (possibly retriever, not quite sure) and a young male. The clerk had called Animal Control because the pups had been wandering for quite some time. He wouldn't let me take both of the puppies (just the female, because she refused to go to him) Both dogs were fixed, very clean, and healthy, which made me think they hadn't just been dumped there, maybe they had escaped!

    She is small, no more than 6 months, still has big silly puppy paws, and the hair on her back is wavy.

    So, please call 850-880-6284 if you have any idea who the babies belong to!

    ****Again, I only have the female, Animal Control took the male to Defuniak.

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    DONE! The owner saw the post, just dropped the pup off :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieJean View Post
    DONE! The o wner saw the post, just dropped the pup off :)
    I can never thank you enough, called the Walton County folks and Beau hasn't made it to the big house yet, so the animal control officer is headed back this way so I can get him back.

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    both exhausted from their big adventure

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