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    Just registered on SoWal - Just breaking the ICE

    We reside in Indianapolis, Indiana... where we work in the areas of law enforcement and education. We have been vacationing in the beautiful beaches of South Walton for the past 10 years with our children, Mandy and Alex, and we had always hoped that one day we could own property of our own in this splendid vacation destination.

    After years of traveling all over the USA.... we can honestly say there is no place more beautiful than the beaches along 30A! Owning a vacation home along Scenic Highway 30A has been a dream for us for many years. Now the dream has come true
    As the owners, we use this home from time to time and are more than happy to share it with you. We hope and expect that you will treat the home and it’s furnishings with care and respect, so that in the future others will be able to enjoy their stay here.

    We are also in the process of developing a personal website that will be online in the coming weeks - please check it out it will feature links/maps and general information about 30A. WWW.GETAWAYON30A.COM

    Thanks for all the support we have gotten from our neighbors in the SoWal community and if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know!

    Mark & Lisa Stephens

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    Welcome...your home is beautiful!!

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    Congrats for living your dreams!

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    Once you own in SoWal, you'll want to move to SoWal. That's where we are, but houses over $100,000 where we live in GA aren't selling.

    We've met a lot of really nice people in the South Walton County area from all walks of life.

    Every time we leave our home in Seagrove, it gets more and more difficult to leave.

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    YES you guys are totally right on - we just purchase our 2nd home in the area with the hopes to retire in about 15 years to the area

    I will get all the photos and links up and going here in the coming months. For now just lots to do furnishing and restoring another home that wasnt maintained. Of course it doent help being pickey and a perfectionist - but everything must be done right!!!

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