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    Adding 4 more to the population!

    My husband and I and 2 kids will be relocating to the area May 1st. We are SO EXCITED and at the same time very nervous! Looking forward to meeting and making new friends...

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    You have chosen well.

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  4. Hi and welcome. I too just moved here from Cincinnati, well a little over a year ago but since so many that live here are from somewhere else it's not too hard to make great friends. If you need any help or advice just give me a call. I love to be miss tour guide. Ginger at 850-586-0147

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    We moved down 3 years ago and haven't regretted it for a moment. Meeting folks isn't a problem for us, we opened a small restaurant/grocery store at the East end of 30A in "The Villages", so we are blessed to meet some of the greatest folks that live and visit here in paradise. Our restaurant is small and cozy, like home, and meeting folks and having conversations with locals, part-timers and visitors, is one of the benefits we provide.
    Some times celebrities drop in but most of the time it's just normal folks.
    Stop by and see us at "Seacrest Sundries", just west of Rosemary on 30A.

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    Thank You and I just may do that!

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    I will for sure come visit!

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