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Note - the old Seagrove Village Market Cafe closed at the end of October 2015 to make way for condos. The owners have opened a new Seagrove Village Market Cafe just next to its old location on Hwy 395 in Seagrove Beach. Read more about the change >

When Seagrove Village Market Café opened in 1949, customers drove from near and far to sink their teeth into the best burgers and fried seafood baskets on 30A. Today, the legendary burgers and grouper sandwich remain menu staples. Other highlights include po-boy sandwiches, fresh salads, and fish tacos. The atmosphere is inviting – think causal beach dive with a spacious porch. Peruse the market for kitschy souvenirs and classic Seagrove merchandise including t-shirts, hats, and much more.

George & Ann Hartley in front of the old cafe.

When George and Ann Hartley bought the Seagrove Village Market Café in July 1999, they knew they were buying a piece of history and pledged to maintain the Seagrove tradition that has kept hungry beach lovers coming back year after year.

“Back in the early days, the market not only offered up great fried food and burgers, but also served as the grocery store for the community,” says Ann. 

Today, the emphasis has changed from the grocery aspect to the still sought-after meals and an expanded souvenir department which includes a large number of cool, colorful t-shirts and all things Seagrove.

“When we took over in 1999, lunches were being prepared on a tiny electric fryer and char grill," says George. "We revamped the kitchen bringing in gas cooking to the delight of our chef, Sunny. We got ovens and burners…basically turning it into a real kitchen. He’s still with us and was actually already in place when we arrived.”

Asked why the fried food menu items taste so darn good, George explains, "of course we start off with fresh fish, shrimp, and oysters - but the secret is in the batter. A condition of our purchasing this place was that the batter recipe be included in the sale. The batter ingredients and the actual sequence of mixing these ingredients is the key to our unique ‘deep fried love’ taste.”

George and Ann both want the market to continue to be the place to meet, greet, eat, and be comfortable doing it in your flip flops and bathing suit.

"We have witnessed multiple generations of families whose GRANDPARENTS came here as children," says George. "We’re looking forward to watching and experiencing this scene as it morphs into the future…deep fried love...always a good thing, right here in little ol’ Seagrove Beach!"

The Hartley’s insist on “buying it fresh, cooking it to order, and serving it with a smile.”

Although the fried items are a favorite (grouper sandwich is #1) among customers, the menu has expanded over the years to include la cocina and crab cake salads, senora Anna’s fish tacos, veggie burgers,  and grilled fish and chicken. On the end run is the delicious key lime pie.

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