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Chris Rogers @ 30A Songwriter Radio

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What: Chris Rogers @ 30A Songwriter Radio
When: Friday, March 18, 2016
Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Chris Rogers to perform at 30A Songwriter Radio coffee & music cafe on Friday, March 18 from 11am til noon.  

Chris Rogers is the genuine article. He grew up listening to country music and feels it in his soul. The traditional stories of hard work set to music resonate with him as he has held a variety of jobs in his young life; from milking cows on a dairy farm in the morning before church, to training llamas at the age of fifteen. Chris was employed by Norfolk Southern Railroad in Georgia, but left that job to fulfill a dream in Nashville that came to light when his father passed away.

“I started taking music and singing more seriously after my dad passed away,” Chris says. “I keep thinking back to watching the “Grand Ole Opry” with him when I was younger. One night I heard him comment on how cool it would be to sing, play guitar and tour for a living. After he passed away, I started thinking back on that…it just stuck with me. I can honestly say that is what drove me to start pursuing music as a career.”

At first a reluctant guitar player, Chris was thirteen when his mother practically begged him to pick it up. He’d been around it all his life since many in his family played but he claimed no interest. That all changed when he struck that first chord for the first time. 

“Once I finally gave in, it all came together and I couldn’t put it down. Now it’s second nature to me,” he stated.

As he moved from doing shows in the bars of Georgia (he grew up in Washington, the county seat of Wilkes County) and into the bright lights of Nashville, he heeds the advice of many while keeping a close eye on the rising stars in a new generation of country artists. Along the way, he is working at writing songs and tuning in to what the fans want during a show.

“A lot of the music that I like fits with my personality and with some of the experiences that I've had,” Chris said. “I do my best to portray the message of the song and really get the crowd engaged with the music. I feed off of the crowd’s energy. I feel like if I can make my audience feel a connection with a song, then I must be doing something right."

As an avid participant on social media outlets, Chris’ numerous versions of today’s popular hits on YouTube have amassed more than 1 million views. Chris’ efforts have already been seen and praised by producers and booking agents in Nashville; the encouragement they have heaped on him helps him to keep it all in perspective.

“I am grateful for the advice I am receiving and I’m moving at a steady pace,” Chris commented. “Music has shaped me into who I am and it’s something that I'm trying to turn into a career. I’ll never see singing and performing as ‘work’ since I enjoy it so much but the process of making it, well, that is ‘work.’ I’m ready for whatever comes next!”


Come out and visit the new 30A Songwriter Radio music & coffee shop at the South Walton Publix shopping center on Hwy 98. Serving up draft coffee, fresh pastries, local brews and music. is a local website with blogs and interviews with local and regional artists, online music radio 24/7. Now at home in the new coffee & music shop. Stop in and say hello. Live music coming up!

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