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Chronic Jester @ Hammerhead’s

What: Chronic Jester @ Hammerhead’s

Chronic Jester, based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, is a high energy power
trio whose strength lies in its own infectious brand of Reggae, Rock,
Funk and Blues. Chronic Jester stands apart from other bands by being a
song driven package that eschews self-indulgent noodling in favor of
catchy tunes and vibrant melodies tied together with its own stylistic
ribbon. Hypnotic reggae, booty shakin' funk, and scorching blues are
topped off by spectacular instrumental interplay and deep in-the-pocket
grooves. Live shows are further highlighted through use of the "Toy Box"
(a collection of tambourines, cow bells, egg shakers, wood blocks, hats
and hula-hoops) that lets fans contribute to the show.

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