30A Skunkape
Jan 18, 2006
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Mar 27, 1971 (Age: 47)
Backatown Seagrove

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    1. lms47
      thanks for your response and will check him out.
    2. Gidget
      Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your Sunday! :)
    3. scooterbug44
      Happy Turkey!
    4. lsucajuns
      Great pic of a skunkape never seen one before.
    5. ItzKatzTime
      Thank You so much for the TV! We're all excited. Doug says come in for lunch on us!!!! Or get something to go if you want to.
    6. ItzKatzTime
      When can I get the tv? This is answered prayer!!!!
    7. Beach Runner
      Beach Runner
      Thanks, Skunky, for the pick 'em!
    8. Rudyjohn
      Is it worthwhile to do a cemetery tour while in NOLA in Dec.? They have always piqued my interest. But if they are tourist traps... then maybe not. Thanks.
    9. Lady D
      Lady D
      Hey Skunky, where did Aggie did the Central Michigan/Georgia matchup? Is that one you are putting in place of the Troy/LSU matchup?
    10. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      pony way down.
    11. Geo
      Good meeting you last night. Cheers...
      Hey, what is that in the background of your pic here on your profile page?
    12. Jdarg
      You are not as creepy as the guy looking at my kids' pictures. For, like, 45 minutes now.
    13. iwishiwasthere
      Thanks...will do.
    14. iwishiwasthere
      Hi! I remember a post that you went on a boat trip on the back area of the county. I have tried to find the thread, but am tired of searching. We are coming down next week and thought it might be funn to do. Thanks for any help.
    15. Biff
      do you know Tom Fox?
    16. TooFarTampa
      Hi, we are at the Flip Flop In next to our house in Seacrest! :wave: It looked like you are still around but I didn't see either of your cars yesterday when I walked by. Hope to see you guys this week!
    17. NoHall
      You just told it like it is, both with that slimy ambulance-chaser and with the gun-waving bike-haters...
    18. NoHall
      What Miss Critter said!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap: Thanks for having the cojones that some of the rest of us don't have to say the things that we desperately want to say (and for saying it better than we could if we were brave enough.) You and your wife are to of the most well-spoken people I've ever met.
    19. Miss Critter
      Miss Critter
      I'm not allowed to rep you again yet, but want to let you know that you are in rare form today!! :clap:
    20. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      tell punz to check her real email today...i wrote her about my shopping expedition to make her jealous so she'll come visit.
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    Mar 27, 1971 (Age: 47)
    Backatown Seagrove


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