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Oct 15, 2012
Apr 30, 2008
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Apr 22, 1967 (Age: 51)
Right here!
Professional Bachelor

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SoWal Insider, 51, from Right here!

30ashopper was last seen:
Oct 15, 2012
    1. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanks for all the links to the tsunami post. You are very funny at times and many times your info is a different angle from mine which is something I like. It's the many facets of a diamond that make it shine. :D
    2. TooFarTampa
      Hey there 30A shop. Thanks! :wub: I got a job before Christmas and now understand how much time I was spending on Sowal. :lol: Complicating matters is that my husband has gotten a great opportunity/job transfer, so we are in the process of preparing to relocate to Boston. I was not even lurking until last week. I will probably inch my way back in ... I miss everyone! Thanks for thinking of me!
    3. 30ashopper
      Hey thanks. :D It's sort of an addiction I'm afraid, I should spend less time in front of excel and more time out doors.
    4. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Wanted to drop a note to express thanks for all the facts and figures you post for us. Always good to have info from different angles. Happy New Year! :wave:
    5. 30ashopper
      Thanks aggieb, I think I've got it covered though, will post back to the thread once I figure it all out.
    6. Truth
      Peace and Love
    7. Cheering472
      Hope you have a great birthday.
    8. ItzKatzTime
      :wave: Hi 30ashopper! Just wanted to visit. Love your user name!!!
    9. Working Man
      Working Man
      I don't know if you're a boy or girl, man or woman, black or white, religious or atheist, but I love you, John
    10. Working Man
      Working Man
      I don't remember ever disagreeing with you. AAbsolute won't forget you, John Carroll
    11. AAbsolute
      It's Grateful, no? Iregardless, I like your styling and logic.
    12. Minnie
    13. supermom262
      keep posting!:)
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    Apr 22, 1967 (Age: 51)
    Right here!
    Professional Bachelor
    Your SoWal space:
    Your 1st time in SoWal:
    1990 - came w/family from Colorado, confused dunes for snow. Unforgetable.
    I'd Like To Meet:
    Favorite Music:
    Digging my new Sirius svc. at the moment. Alt Nation, Chill, 90's grunge, Grateful Dead
    Favorite Movies:
    Braveheart, Anything sci fi or action, Best favorite - The Big Chill
    Favorite TV shows:
    Lost, BSG, Generation Kill, Dexter, Weeds
    Favorite Books:
    Cussler, Maguire, Crichton
    I live in Sandestin, I've been down here for about 8 years. I first came down with my parents in 90 and fell in love with the place. After working out in California for a while I finally managed to figure out a way to get back.

    Real estate, Markets, Surf Fishing, Jogging


    bursts and snippets
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