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Nov 12, 2016
Feb 28, 2007
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Blue Mountain Beach
Retired, retired, retired

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Andy A

Beach Fanatic, from Blue Mountain Beach

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Nov 12, 2016
    1. Bob Hudson
      Bob Hudson

      You last renewed you membership in January of 2011.

      You are not current and. That's why you did not receive a survey ballot.

    2. Henry Apfelbach
      Henry Apfelbach
      Thanks, with all the stuff going on in the state of Florida and the fact that a lot of us feel like we are being made out to be villians it means a great deal to me personaly to get a thank you.
    3. scooterbug44
      They are being rude butts! Everyone could do with some more manners in those forums.
    4. scooterbug44
      Love your signature line - ain't that the truth!
    5. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Have a wonderful day :wave:
    6. ItzKatzTime
      Ohhh I just saw your birthday is Dec. 27...mine is Dec. 31st
      Fellow Capricorns! Thanks for your kind words!!!!
      :wave: Kat
    7. Truth
      Peace and Love Good Samaratin
    8. Working Man
      Working Man
      You seem real. I think you are upright. It looks like you aren't afraid of the journey. I hope the sun shines on you when you want and the rain falls when you want. I am American and I thank you.
    9. Andy A
      Andy A
      Dec. 27th was my birthday. Thanks for asking. Andy
    10. aggieb
      or today?
    11. aggieb
      was yesterday your birthday?
    12. Minnie
    13. ItzKatzTime
      Thank you for that post about the cafe. That was so kind of you....I wish I had been there on Sat. night, but my own health has been bad and i just have to stay away from any stress. Doug and I so appreciate your comments. I hope I can be on your friends list!:blush: ;-) Kat
    14. Minnie
      Thanks for the doggie concerns, you are a kind person.
    15. Andy A
      Andy A
      For a "Moderate", I'm sure taking a lot of heat from the far far Left contingent on this board. You may be right after all. You are the moderate and I'm "right leaning instead of "far right leaning". (I don't know how to put a smiley in here, so "smile".
    16. rapunzel
      Silly Andy, I'm the moderate!:wave:
    17. Dennis Wise
      Dennis Wise
      Sure hope it doesn't rain on our parade today at Smiling Fish Cafe!!! We will be there, rain or shine, because we said we would be there....hope you have an umbrella (lol) and will come out to visit if you can. As Dennis told ya, he would love to shake your hand! So glad to see Lightworker is a friend of yours too!! Thank you Andy A, Sheila Wise.....P.S. Dennis is out probably getting soaked in your area going door to door to tell the citizens about why he would make the best sheriff...we checked, but your name was not on the Republican list.....Perhaps you are an Independent as I and actually Dennis is also......but he's a registered Republican for obvious reasons, and I switched to Republican for obvious vote in the primary....for you know who (lol), I would guess you know who!! I'm making the 'Wise Choice of Course.' Dennis doesn't feel that the sheriff's position should be party affiliated, but, that's just the way it is! Should be interesting to see the turn out for Smiling Fish today. Thanks again for your inspirational far as using those emoticons, you just gotta click onto it, and it goes onto the least that's been my experience. Maybe you didn't click hard enough.....maybe Dennis isn't yelling loud enough!!! I don't know how to put friends pics on, so I'm no expert, for sure........but, I would like to think of you as a friend as you are so knowledgeable and may be related as you have a "wise" father!! I would put a smiley face emoticon here if they were available. ;>) s.wise
    18. Andy A
      Andy A
      Probably true about the sig but it is meant to be "tongue in cheek" to some degree. I plan to use the "Serenity Prayer" next if I change in the near future.
    19. kurt

      BTW your sig - "If at the age of twenty, you are not a Liberal, you havent got a heart. If by the age of forty, you're not a Conservative, you haven't got a brain."

      I've heard variations of this over the years. IMHO a lot of hearts get hardened between 20 and 40. Brains too.
    20. Andy A
      Andy A
      Organicmama, thank you for the kind words. Betty is doing fine at the moment as she has not started the next round of chemotherapy. If you are at the soiree we will see you there.
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    Blue Mountain Beach
    Retired, retired, retired
    Retired Army aviator, retired Okla. state employee. Master's degree in Urban Affairs.

    Golf, local issues, reading, jes sittin'


    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know.