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Jul 16, 2018 at 8:46 AM
Feb 4, 2008
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October 23
Roosevelt, MN
Computer Programmer

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Beach Fanatic, Male, from Roosevelt, MN

ASH was last seen:
Jul 16, 2018 at 8:46 AM
    1. Gidget
      I know this is rough on you - living here and loving the beach so much. My husband and I are in a daze as this is our first summer after so many years of visiting. I try and stay optimistic, but it is not easy. Hang in there!!
    2. Gidget
      Yep, I don't get too many visitors to my page lol! Thanks for the comment. Going to try and get to beach today. Let's DO hope for the best. I feel very emo right now!
    3. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Amen on the political party squabble-factor being a hindrance to moving forward in the USA. I think some congressmen need to go back to kindergarten and get their diploma in how to act so they can graduate to actually carrying out their assignments that they are being paid for. It only makes sense to work together even if the one elected is not who you voted for. The promote me/my party attitude is the green chiclet system in Congress. They think the more "wins" they have, the more affluent they are. Are they after America's progress or their own? It is a ridiculous perspective to fight for your own party when the goal is to fight for what is best for America. Nobody wins if we don't work together in Congress and out here on the field so to speak. We all win when we put aside petty differences to work toward the big picture. The attitude should be that we are on the same team which is an attitude that is not prevalent.
    4. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Wow, you do have jeweled words in due season. Thank you. I suppose if I were more worried about people approving of what I say, I would have more green chiclets :funn: I just have to say it the way I see it. You should post more, you obviously have unique insight. I would be just as willing to hear the other side of the coin from you if I said something unsavory. Thank you again, you made my day, I was having a particularly rough one :wave: :D
      It was the Sarah Palin thread.
    5. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Hi, saw you stopped by. I'm curious about what it was that you liked about my post. Thank you and have an awesome day. I always appreciate your comments. :D
    6. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Reviewing old posts & saw a thank you from you for the 911 tribute.
      You and your family have a Happy New Year with continued health and prosperity. Speak on! I try to say what I appreciate while I still can- you never know- something seemingly insignificant might change somebody's life. :wave:
    7. She sells seashells
      She sells seashells
      Hi there, sorry it took me forever to respond!

      I have found them locally over 10 years and many hurricanes - its one of my families hobbies to go shelling :)


    8. Topsail Transplant
      Topsail Transplant
      I tend to be an early bird myself hope to see you on 30A
    9. Imatrucountrygirl
      No I am not.. I live in north Wal.. and drive a mercury cougar at the moment.. my truck has a locked up tranny at this time... I am seagrovebeachgirl's BESTest friend.. we went to high school together in FWB... THANKS so much for the welcome
    10. DD
    11. ASH
      Photo from Sowal beaches last summer.
    12. ItzKatzTime
      I love your profile picture!!! It reminds me of when we lived in CoCoa Beach and we used to ride our bikes on the beach and take them out to the water because the seagulls swarmed them!
    13. Minnie
    14. Minnie
    15. AAbsolute
      I lived on a lake for a year up North. When I came home from work I'd catch a sunny for bait and use it to pull in a pickerel or two. You probably know that's the smaller cousin to your Pike. The whole fishing excursion would take 15 minutes start to finish. Those pickerel had a mouth full of daggers.
    16. Beachbummett
      Hey Ash! Where are those pics you posted when you played with the sturgeons?
    17. AAbsolute
      What kind of fish is that in your Avatar?
    18. Allifunn
      Pumpkins drinking out of control :biggrin:
    19. Tsgtsgirl
      Thanks Ash I think I will! :)
    20. Alicia Leonard
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    October 23
    Roosevelt, MN
    Computer Programmer
    Just livin' my dream

    Fishing, hunting and outdoors


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