Bob Wells
Jul 25, 2008
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Paramedic Firefighter. Work 2 places 1 Full time a

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    1. Truffle Anne
      Truffle Anne
      Love your avatar!
    2. ItzKatzTime
      FF 2 you certainly have a pulse for the political forum too!!! Enjoy your comments!!!
    3. 30-A rider
      30-A rider
      If you want to add fuel to this could be mentioned how Jack Abbit has now had a 1/2 page article written on him in the 8/9/08 issue of the sun. When I asked for equal exposure I was told no. Then this past issue more coverage on Jack Abbit and his Solaris dinner cruise to promote his re election campaign. As a local business I have advertised in the Sun on a couple of occasions and it did not matter. Mrs. Gwen Break will not give equal time. Clearly indicates she favors Mr. Abbit and his campaign. Obviously there is some sort of relationship there between Mr. Abbit and Mrs. Break, and she allows this to affect the papers content.
    4. Bob Wells
      Bob Wells
      You seem to have the pulse for the politics. I have a questions as to your thoughts about the Fire Board race. Any insite would be appreciated.
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    Paramedic Firefighter. Work 2 places 1 Full time a
    I'd Like To Meet:
    The Founding Fathers, so I could find out what inspired them and what they meant and find out what t
    Favorite Music:
    Country, old and new
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    Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, Band of Brothers,
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    Scubs, Sons of Anarchy, Law and Order CI, Law and Order,
    Lived Here since 1981, am married 25 years, 3 children all grown up.

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