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Bobby J
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Apr 4, 2015
Apr 18, 2005
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Blue Mountain beach

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Bobby J

Beach Fanatic, from Blue Mountain beach

Bobby J was last seen:
Apr 4, 2015
    1. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thank you very much for your message. I also appreciate your positive attitude about life and thank you for your kindness. I enjoy reading your posts and you have a lovely family. Much happiness to you, your wife, and your children. Have a prosperous New Year! :wave:
    2. kit75
      May you and yours have a grate Thanksgiving!
    3. kit75
      Looking for computer today. Been borrowed a girlfriends today. Very bad weather here in Defuniak so, should be some good wave on your end for rest of week.
    4. Bobby J
      Bobby J
      Not night! Just before dark. Sorry!
    5. kit75
      Hey, Good luck on your Costa Rico Trip. Take lots of pictures. Would be cool to see what kind of waves they catch there. I've been here all my life so it would be neat to see! Night surfing WOW! How do you guys see what you are doing?
    6. Bobby J
      Bobby J
      There was a little surf yesterday. It was small. The night before was much better about chest to head. Never really had a problem with someone fishing. I don't think if I was out and someone started fishing where I was surfing would be appreciated though. The season has started so we should have more swell coming. I have a Costa Rico trip lined up so my stoke is at a very high level right now!
    7. kit75
      Hey, Looks like were getting some surf in Blue Mountain Bch. You surfer guys are fearless. Question, Anybody ever have problems with people fishing at beach while your surfing? Looked kinda close earlier, Sufer Dude was there first.
    8. Bobby J
      Bobby J
      Lets hope it goes well with long awaited wind swell.
    9. kit75
      Looks like some storms are finally rolling in. Good luck surfing out there. Big waves, Cool wind, Best days hanging with friends.
    10. kit75
      I don't know how to surf. Wished I did. I'm a BIG CHICKEN. Tried once got to my knees. Too scared to stand. My brother was trying to teach me, think it made it worse. What's funny is I have two boards. One long and one short, both 3 fins. Maybe when I lose more weight, I'll try again. Too bottom heavy. LOL
    11. surferjoet
      Bobby, My name is Joe Thibodeau my job relocated me to the area last october and I have fallenin love with sowal. I am starting to look around for something to purchase. We are looking for something under 150 and a fixxer upper is ok.I will be out of town for most of June but would like to get the ball rollin. Thanks in advance for your help.
    12. Jewelz
      A fine man you are! loved your post about the cig. butts. just thought i would stop by an say so to u personally. I will b thata way come the first week of Aug. but i won't b throwin no butts about it! I don't smoke no more thank the good lord! I am for the no smoking ban!
    13. DuneLaker
    14. Seagrove Lover
      Seagrove Lover
      Reba and i live in Birmingham where Reba is a realtor agent. Needs to get broker before we open officially in Florida. We have properties and come 1-2 times a month.

    15. acsuttondesign
      Thanks for the comment man! I guess I gotta practice my sowalling and my surfing! HAH!! Have a great one..
    16. Seagrove Lover
      Seagrove Lover
      Hey Bobby

      Love the information you post. I am becoming a property owner/manager in the area and need freinds and contacts. Most realtors are happy with new people to meet. I use Tula Tucker and like her a lot right now. Look forward to meeting you someday.
    17. sunspotbaby
    18. Mark Partington
      Mark Partington
      There are many rivers to cross....Hay my friend, I was staring at this tiny bonzai-ed wisdom of the ages oak- this dogfly, the size of Montanna & change thumped me tweenst the eyes.....'n I remembered in 2000 you sayin after 2 run-ins you felt an affinity; like you'd known me forever.
      Good times/peace...watch the little people(B)/goes fast
    19. Beachbummett
      Let me guess......you are doing the chicken dance in your new avatar? The let the real estate sell dance? The I burnt my you know what dance after partying naked? The .....
    20. Minnie
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    Home Page:
    Blue Mountain beach
    Your SoWal space:
    The Dog!
    Your 1st time in SoWal:
    Moved here 1980 from Rockford, Il.
    I'd Like To Meet:
    Kelly Slater
    Favorite Music:
    I like it all
    Favorite Movies:
    Anything that makes me laugh!
    Favorite TV shows:
    I have a secret addiction to reality TV.
    Favorite Books:
    A Prayer for Owen Meaney
    "Lovin life"

    Surfing, fishing and Boating


    850-865-7798 Florida
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