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Aug 8, 2006
Nov 26, 2004
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Beach Fanatic

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Aug 8, 2006
    1. ItzKatzTime
      Love Love Love your profile picture!!!!
    2. heathernken
      Carmen: If you have real estate investments, or even if you don't, call Al Vorkeller. He is in Atlanta, but no matter. He will save you money!! 770/565-7868. He can also give you a good idea of what he can do, before starting. Especially if you have property, he may be able to get you a refund. There is some good stuff in the new stimulus package before congress that will get many people refunds if they can figure out how to collect. Heather
    3. Minnie
    4. Minnie
    5. AAbsolute
      Thanks for visiting my page... I had a friend in Central Park, NYC named Carmen. I'll never forget her.
    6. Allifunn
      OK, girl! Hope your having fun!
    7. Camellia
      That was me at the Dixie Dude ranch in Texas where I learned how to swim.
    8. Mystified
      Yes great pic! Is it you or your daughter? I have a friend named Carmen too :)
    9. Carol G
      Carol G
      Hey! we should be friends on here too :D

      I really like your profile photo, there's something very compelling about it. The blurriness gives this wonderful sense of movement and excitement, that thrilling moment of no return just before the plunge...
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