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Jan 22, 2010
Nov 3, 2005
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September 9

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Jan 22, 2010
    1. Jdarg
      Where are you??
    2. Minnie
      Thanks, long way to being a skinny Minnie but I figure any loss is a good one. :)
    3. Deli Love
      Deli Love
      Thank you! She is so much of my heart. I tell people that I love all three of my grand kids the same but she started it!
    4. johnb
      Thanks for spending some time and checking out my blog, hope it was helpful or at least interesting.

    5. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanx for bein a friend- love the Betty Boop avatar
    6. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanx for visiting- your profile page is soft and springy- nice. Sweet pic on the beach also. Have a good one!
    7. Rudyjohn
      why thank you! So is yours.
      You know, I've designed mine to emulate water, sort of. :lol: Have a great weekend.
    8. Minnie
      Come back after the 17th and I will have my Easter page up. :) Oh I understand the worry, my husband's company fired 7 managers this past week, he has been moved to working 7pm to 7am even though he has seniority and we have lost over 60% of our S&I, but it will never cause me to be rude to others. In fact I figure now is a great time to rise up and help others.
    9. Minnie
      Love your avatar and signature, maybe it will help lighten up the mood around here, too much bad karma floating around. I would rather be annoyingly happy than just annoying any day.:clap:
    10. Ocean Lover
      Ocean Lover
      I've missed you too! I'm trying to getback into the swing of things. It's not easy when you've gone mia for a while! How's everybody in your family. Dylan's fighting off the flu or something but other than that we're good. Sam finished out b-ball season and is preparing for tryouts in May. She's tumbling once a week and is still working on getting the back handspring without a spot. She's almost there.
    11. Lynnie
      Funny - my Daddy gave me the nickname, Lynnie Poo - I just successfully dropped the Poo a few years ago! Some friends still use Poo, but I strongly discourage it..... LOL

      Please to meet you!!
    12. scooterbug44
    13. Sheila
      Happy 2009 Cheering. :wub:
    14. Ocean Lover
      Ocean Lover
      You too!! 2009 here we come. :))))
    15. Minnie
    16. DD
      Happy New Year to you!!!
    17. TooFarTampa
      Right back atcha! Happy 2009!!
    18. Teresa
      happy happy happy happy new year to you cheering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someday I may actually meet you in person, huh?????
    19. Mango
      Happy New year to you, too!! Enjoy.......:wub::wave:
    20. Ocean Lover
      Ocean Lover
      I posted the country elf yourself! Merry Christmas to you Lynn and your kiddos!!!! <3
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    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila...floor.