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Mar 10, 2013
Dec 26, 2004
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Oct 30, 1954 (Age: 63)
Home Page:
Amelia Island, FL
preschool teacher

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Beach Fanatic, 63, from Amelia Island, FL

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Mar 10, 2013
    1. Rudyjohn
      He's still a sr. in high school, but FSU is still his #1 choice. Then Loyola New Orleans, Western Michigan (Kalamazoo), and finally IL State (his safety). He applied over the weekend to Arizona State as they have a fantastic music program w/ state of the art facilities & I believe he will apply to Michigan State too. These schools all have the Music Therapy program he is majoring in.

      My son's audition at FSU is on Feb 7 and I'm sure it will seal the deal for him even more that he wants to attend there - - we'll have sub zero temps and the azaleas will be almost in bloom in Tally!

      Does your son still like FSU?
    2. iwishiwasthere
      Good to see you on the board. Hope all is well with you and fam at Amelia. Very nice area.
    3. Rudyjohn
      Cil, my son & I just got back from 3 days at FSU. He absolutely LOVED it and wants to start there tomorrow or sooner if possible! We couldn't find any negatives - - everything clean, beautiful; everyone friendly, helpful. It appears to be a well-oiled machine. And Tallahassee might be the prettiest little city I've seen in a very long time (there's still snow on the ground here in Chicago.) I can see why your son is happy there.
    4. CPort
      Cil, I just noticed where you are, I went to Amelia for a couple of days back in Jan. of this year for the first time. I loved it,I went to the beach in Ft.Clinch park took pic at sunset by the old fort,walked around town proper then headed south to American Beach and Little Tailbot st park.
    5. Teresa
      Johnrudy and all - cil is in Fernandina Beach (amelia island) on the east coast just north of jacksonville, and near the georgia border, cumberland island and much natural beauty!!! my favorite spot to go on vacay and eat and shop and relax and ride a scooter all over town, and thru fort clinch state park. great beaches too - well preserved.
    6. Teresa
      hi cil!!! thanks for being my friend. but I already knew you were my friend. so it was just a formality.
    7. Cil
      I think I get this now. This is *my* page, but we're talking together on it? Is that it? Anyway, I am on Amelia Island these days,Rita.
      Thanks to everyone who wanted to be my friend ::aw shucks::
    8. Rudyjohn
      Rita, I believe it's St. Augustine, no?
    9. Rudyjohn
      it's crazy, isn't it??
    10. Rita
      Cil, I'm trying to get your silly "gray" box to turn "green" but I just lost my original post to you - hope this one goes through!

      Hope all is going well for you in that small panhandle town you moved to (which I forgot the name) Port -?-

      Post more often my "Hippie" friend! :)
    11. Rudyjohn
      This is so much like a popularity contest, how may friends everyone has :roll:.

      But I always enjoy your posts and movie reviews!
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    Oct 30, 1954 (Age: 63)
    Home Page:
    Amelia Island, FL
    preschool teacher
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    We traveled through the county, stayed at Grayton and other spots, trying to see if we would like to
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    Muhammad Ali
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    Warren Zevon - Neil Young -Gypsy/punk
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    Local Hero, Fly Away Home, Little Women, Hope and Glory, Election
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    Deadwood, Daily Show, Colbert Report
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    The Power of One, Suite Francaise, Prodigal Summer, Five Quarters of the Orange, Watership Down
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