Cork On the Ocean
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Feb 7, 2012
Mar 29, 2005
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October 21
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Seacrest Beach
Ex-Pharmacist, Current-Real Estate Broker

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Cork On the Ocean

directionally challenged, from Seacrest Beach

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Feb 7, 2012
    1. Lady D
      Lady D
      Hey Cork, long time no see. Just came home from our 8 days and 9 nights at the beach this past Sunday. How is Miss Sunshine? Hope she is well. Just sending you a hello. Lady D
    2. heartbren
      Hi Cork! Have not heard from you for a while. I'm finally pretty much unburried from the boxes. Now I need to start work so I have something to do with myself as well as the need to for income. I hope you and your babies are doing well and they have given you some bed room. I have a queen bed and am always on the end between the cats and my dog. If I move a little so does he. Whenever I get up to go to the bathroom, etc, he steals my spot because it is warmed up. He is a grouchy sleeper and when I try to move him over (the little devil) he growls at me. I love my little sweetie/devil. He is always by my side, my shadow!!! Thank God I have him!!!! I would love to meet you and your babies some time. What do you think? My number is (850) 622-3352.
    3. heartbren
      Hi Sunny Bunny's mom! It's Brenda from New Orleans now in Florida. I am here and trying to unpack. I think I'd rather be tortured. What a mess. I have not moved in over 20 years and hope I don't again for a very long time if ever. Whew!! It will all be worth it when I am done. I think I need to go sit on the beach and chill for a little while. I hope we get to meet soon. Brenda
    4. heartbren
      Hi, it is Brenda frorleans. As it turns out I may be renting my house to two men who have a dog like Sunny Bunny and may be adopting another. They are easy to love!! Just found you might findn that interesteing. Brenda
    5. heartbren
      I appreciate your help with the sites. Sunny Bunny not only has a nice wardrobe I see, but also gets nice pedicures and has accessories to match. Can I borrow her earings? My little Tye Bug (my 6 lb chihuahua) would love her. He has quite an extensive wardrobe also. They would be a nicely dressed couple, I can't wait to move down there in a few weeks. Perhaps Sunny Bunny and Tye Bug can meet sometime. Thanks for any help you can give and kiss that sweet Sunny for Tye Bug since he is not there yet to do it himself. I won't let him kiss me in the mouth and I taught him to kiss me on the nose, but her he can kiss on the mouth. He tongue is all ready!! Oops, sorry, did not mean to get nasty on you. I hope we get to meet, Brenda
    6. heartbren
      :wave:This little Sunny Bunny is too cute! I am a big animal lover relocating to the area from New Orleans. I've been a pet sitter for 16 years and your baby is just too cute for words. I'm trying to figure out how to join this single site but am new to this and cannot figure it out. Can you tell me. I'd like to meet some people when I move down there. Been 3 times and everyone is soooo nice. Thanks, Brenda
    7. ItzKatzTime
      OMG that Sunny Bunny is just too cute. You never cease to surprise me with your creations!!!! :clap: Haven't seen you in so long....hope you are well!

    8. Minnie
    9. Minnie
    10. Cork On the Ocean
      Cork On the Ocean
      Wow, I haven't been on to check this out! So sorry if I didn't respond. Lady D, it was MY pleasure to visit with you. As always, you're a beautifully sweet soul.

      Scooter, I need a secretary (LOL)

      Njackie, glad to have new sowallers.

      Mystified, You should see my feet, YUK! Must take care of Sunshine.

      Gayboi, Nitro???? I eat too much equal. What Nitro??? The mason jar came from beautiful Paula. It's a previous Limonella filled with Mojito but I'd love to have some more of that Limonella.

      OK, I think I'm caught up. Smooches to all!
    11. Matt J
      Matt J
      So, my only question is, did you ever get the nitro?

      Actually I take that back, what is the mason jar in your purse for?
    12. scooterbug44
      Clean out your mailbox so I can PM you!!!
    13. Mystified
      Love the pedicure!!!!
    14. njackie
      Thanks so much for welcoming me to the group. I have seen your puppy and enjoyed your posts.
    15. Lady D
      Lady D
      Hey Cork, enjoyed lunch Thursday with you and IBD, Margaritaville was great. Sure hate that I didn't get to see Sunshine. I didn't know beachbummett was around. Anyway, I know it seems like we lead boring lives and I guess you have to say we do. We were there to relax anyway. It was a great stress reliever for me, much needed. Anyway, the one thing we planned didn't pan out as far as the waverunners were concerned. And as for the other things we planned on doing that we didn't do, well, we were just lazy. :lol: Anyway, I was hoping I could talk him into coming back in August like we initially planned but I don't think I will be able to. Early May was too early to come and enjoy the beach due to it being too cool at night most nights. Take care and if IBD is still around, tell her that I enjoyed lunch very much. Take care. Lisa
    16. DD
      :wub: :wave:
    17. Beachbummett
      LOL! Sunny always makes me laugh! I love her on this page. Look forward to seeing you this weekend. BTW, doublelove the pink!
    18. Bob
      any guys allowed in here? I swear I won't make farting noises!
    19. sunspotbaby
      Hey Cork, visited your website (very nice BTW) and was wondering if you are related to Elizabeth Orr. I worked with her at the Sun! Good luck with your new venture!
    20. Cork On the Ocean
      Cork On the Ocean
      Thank you sweetie. Let's Talk so I can help you out.
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    October 21
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    Seacrest Beach
    Ex-Pharmacist, Current-Real Estate Broker
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    MotherTheresa, Ghandi, Tony Robbins
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    Jewel, Sarah MacLaughlin
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    Something About Mary
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    American Idol, Nanny, Golden Girls
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