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Danny Burns
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Jul 12, 2013
Jul 23, 2007
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Inlet Beach
Studio/Operations Manager of 30A Radio and Singer/

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Danny Burns

Beach Fanatic, from Inlet Beach

Danny Burns was last seen:
Jul 12, 2013
    1. raven316
      Hey, I was looking at Eric Krogh's Facebook and saw pictures of ya'll back in the day. I'm from Urbana and knew Eric when he played with the All Star Frogs. I live in Athens, GA and we come down to Seagrove when we can. Just thought I'd say hi.

      Mark Johnson
    2. Danny Burns
      Danny Burns

      30a Radio doesn't do live DJ announced community events any longer. We only have a few live DJs working with us right now. Many of them pre-record their shows. The ones that do live shows usually have set playlists with no gaps to do live announcements.

      If you send me a brief description of the BTNF, I will record a spot to be put in rotation.

      Best regards,
    3. beachFool
      Hi Danny:

      Oct 14-16 South Walton Community Council is having our 10th annual Back to Nature Festival.
      Can DJs announce on station breaks?

      If you will tell me how many words, I can write the announcement for you.


    4. Independent1
      Happy and prosperous 2010
    5. Susan Horn
      Susan Horn
      Thanks for the good rep ;-)
    6. Minnie
      Where have you been lately, miss you.
    7. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanx for bein a friend- see ya around sowal!
    8. ItzKatzTime
      Thank you again for that post on the Double Standards. It was the only one that truly made sense!!!! Please keep posting!!!!
    9. DuneLaker
      Looking forward to seeing you out and about.
    10. organicmama
      How are you? Haven't seen you in a while and just wondering how things are going.
    11. Minnie
    12. Chandra
      Hey Danny,

      It's Chandra. I was just reading one of your posts on the bulbs and it occurred to me that you might be able to help me. I have a beautiful old Panasonic Solid State Deluxe stereo that my father bought my mother over seas when he was in Vietnam in the 60's. It has a turntable, a receiver and a reel to reel. I still use it to listen to 30A Radio in the afternoons and play records etc. It's a big piece of furniture w/ the flip tops. The thing is, it seriously needs some love and attention. The turntable makes a clicking noise, the receiver knob drags, and the reel to reel has dropped a channel or something. Is this something you could or would fix, look at, or give me advice on how to have it repaired?

    13. Minnie
    14. dunebug
      I agree not a very good pick to gain women votes or independents. McCain's arguments against Obama is "no expeirence", and he picks a woman that runs a state with a population size of Austin, TX. What was he thinking? Romney would have been a better pick. I also agree with some media commentators that it is an insult to women. Pick a woman to gain women votes. Ok heres my analogy: You are picking teams for a game of basketball do you pick the tall black guy with no expereince, or the white guy that has a shelf of basketball trophies. I'll take the white boy. We the people should not elect a person because of there race, religous belief, or color but elect the person who is most qualified to run the country. Big mistake, but a good thing for the Obama camp.
    15. organicmama
      This week has been hell and I saw part of your message on myspace but then wasn't able to log in to let you know that this week was funky. Mr. OM was in the studio from 8am to 4:30 and then left to sing at 7 today, plus it was our middle daughter's birthday. I just wanted you to know we didn't flake on you. How's your rc feeling? I know last week was probably rough on you. Told someone interested in music biz around here about you too. More later on that.
    16. Danny Burns
      Danny Burns
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    Home Page:
    Inlet Beach
    Studio/Operations Manager of 30A Radio and Singer/
    Your SoWal space:
    East end of the beach in SoWal
    Your 1st time in SoWal:
    Vacations starting in 1992
    I'd Like To Meet:
    Someone who can make me rich by doing my songs!
    Favorite Music:
    All except most rap and opera
    Favorite Movies:
    Ones that touch my heart or make me think (very few)
    Favorite TV shows:
    Ones that touch my heart or make me think (very few)
    Favorite Books:
    A New Earth, Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle, Evolve Your Brain - Joe Dispenza
    See Album for more details.

    Writing and recording music. Becoming a better Human Being.


    SoWal.com's Live Music Calendar is a great one-stop source for live local music info.

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