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Nov 20, 2011
Mar 1, 2008
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Eastern Lake Est., SoWal, FL
eclectic tour guide, presenter,

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Beach Fanatic, from Eastern Lake Est., SoWal, FL

DuneLaker was last seen:
Nov 20, 2011
    1. Minnie
    2. scooterbug44
      Watching "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" and thought of you! Love the neat old house in the movie. Didn't realize that movie was when Dolly sang the song from the Bodyguard on film first.
    3. scooterbug44
      :wave: Happy turkey! :wave:
    4. Topsail Transplant
      Topsail Transplant
      Thanks ! I just wasn't sure your stuff was there
    5. Topsail Transplant
      Topsail Transplant
      Hey Dunlaker

      Can you give me any links to the Historical Info we were discussing at the soiree ?
    6. GoodWitch58
      thanks, Brenda, but somehow the idea of those shark teeth smiling at me is more frightening...but who knows, we'll see where my camera takes me. It was an awesome experience. Another time we were completely surrounded by them on the road. We were in the vehicle, which was a bright red SUV, but it did not deter them. They definitely owned the road! I got out and stood among them and got some terrific shots, but I was afraid to stay out once they started to move.
    7. txaggie1989
      Hi dunelaker-are you the Aggie'77 that i met on the beach today?
    8. Samuelsgran
      Thanks for the friend invite. I am enjoying this site. Love the profile(blond now)I'm sure we will meet one day..Have a great day....Jan
    9. Truth
      Peace, A friend
    10. ItzKatzTime
      :wub:Love your bird album DuneLover....especially the snuggling Cardinal!!! I have a special place in my heart for Cardinals.

      :wave: Kat
    11. ItzKatzTime
      Have spent many incredible experiences in graveyards, including cleaning them. But, that's a tale for a different time!;-)
    12. ItzKatzTime
      Brenda I love your blogs! How interesting. Thanks for sharing with us!!! I love the graveyard picture.
    13. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      row row row your boat! coming soon to a lake near you!
    14. hnooe
      Your not on my friends list a Sowal!!! What! sending you a request.

      BTW, I am facebooks friends with your daughter--what a beautiful, smart, nice woman! Ya did good!
    15. Lynnie
      Hey Brenda. I just saw your blog on Augusta, which is my hometown and I added some history. If I think of anything else interesting, I'll let you know. Thanks again for your work!!
    16. Bobby J
      Bobby J
      What is your blog address?
    17. johnb
      Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you found something of interest. Your posts are enlightening, we've needed a local historian and you are doing a great job.
    18. johnb
      Thanks for visiting my new blog. I hope you found something of interest!
    19. AAbsolute
      So, do you have a guess on how that 331 bridge proposal is going to go?
    20. Danny Burns
      Danny Burns
      Thanks, you too.
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    Eastern Lake Est., SoWal, FL
    eclectic tour guide, presenter,
    Your SoWal space:
    Eastern Lake Estates, one of the oldest platted neighborhoods in South Walton
    Your 1st time in SoWal:
    1953 Born here.
    I'd Like To Meet:
    President James Monroe, Queen Victoria, Pope Alexander VI
    Favorite Music:
    Classical, Jazz, Pop Rock
    Favorite Movies:
    Cold Mountain, Sense and Sensibilities, Star Wars, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Phantom of the Opera,
    Favorite TV shows:
    The Weather Channel, Squawk Box
    Favorite Books:
    The Princes of Ireland, Northwest Passage, London, Ender's Game, Mischner's Texas & Space, Outlander
    I'm short.

    History, Painting, Golf, Walking on Beach, swing on back porch
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