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May 5, 2017
Dec 24, 2006
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Santa Rosa Beach, FL
UNEMPLOYED Superdad working on getting rich (slowl

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Beach Fanatic, from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Geo was last seen:
May 5, 2017
    1. idlewind
      I am with you on the new site, let me know details and how I can help. Sorry it took so long to reply, I was out of town working.
    2. scooterbug44
      Clean out your mailbox so I can PM you!
    3. LuciferSam
      1. Meghan reminds me of a valley girl a little bit. Didn't you live in California a while? That might explain it.

      2. Do you mean my original avatar? I would bring him back.
    4. scooterbug44
      Didn't forget, just playing phone tag.
    5. scooterbug44
      Clean out your mailbox so I can PM you!
    6. dmarie
      Hey Geo, dmarie here. Hope all is well with you and your sweet little babies. I met you in person for the first time a couple of weeks ago at the Seaside Farmer's market. I bought a jar of your salsa and it was FABULOUS! My boyfriend, who is a food snob, said it is the best he has ever had. This past Saturday he went to the market to buy some but didn't see you there. Perhaps you had already sold out and left. (good for you!) Will you be there this weekend? (June 12th) Do you take orders? Just wondering. It is really good. Thank you for sharing
    7. scooterbug44
      I am just loving you and sarawind today! Regulate! :rofl:
    8. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I had to post and say for some reason, I got happy when I saw the fabric they are using for the oil is named GEO HAY:biggrin::wave:
    9. chagler16
      Please call 8504451193 about the dog that was found...sam belongs to me...we miss him so much. Thank you.
    10. scooterbug44
      Why didn't you come to the soiree? We thought we saw you across the outfall and were laughing like crazy watching you try to catch the puppy!
    11. Intelligent Gourmet
      Intelligent Gourmet
      How does the IG logo look on SoWal???
    12. organicmama
      Good to see you the other day. Hang in there, please.
    13. misstheredwoods
      hi there, i'm a reporter at the daily news and ran across your pics. the walton sun is writing a story about this and i think they're sending a photog, as well. but would it be possible for us to use your pics (and, of course, you'd get credit!)?
    14. Geo
      Just made some free space. SORRY! :)
    15. LuciferSam
      Hey Geo, clear your mailbox. Some important people are trying to get through>
    16. Mark Partington
      Mark Partington
      Hi geo
      been working alot & don't pop in-much. hope you all are good.
    17. organicmama
      Check your invites, sir. You have one or are you avoiding joining the Klatch.
    18. Matt J
      Matt J
      Hey! Empty your damn PM's!
    19. Mark Partington
      Mark Partington
      Hi George,
      I finally got the feeling back in my fingers yesterday & here I be. Great to meet you/ sm world here (good)- I had been ranting about your wife's work for over a month.
      Best to you both & watch the Merry ta see ya again next year. I have a project with another artist I would like to include your wife in if interested....if ya see the sand-weighted artmobile weaving wildly behind you...your safe;just alot of play in the sprngs & too much caffeine man
      m& robin
    20. Minnie
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    Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    UNEMPLOYED Superdad working on getting rich (slowl
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    Attended a wedding in September 2005 in Grayton Beach...
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    Bono, President Obama, My Dad (killed when I was a year old), Bill Maher...
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    Anything by U2, lately I have been getting into big band and 1930's chill music, Classic Rock...
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    ET, Caddyshack, Schindler's List, Forrest Gump...
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    Seinfeld, Curb your Enthusiasm, Real Time with Bill Maher...
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    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Multiple Streams of Income, Millionaire Next Door, 4 Hr. Work Week
    37 year old male, Divorced with 2 kids

    My kids, doing anything/nothing at the beach, cooking/eating, running, weights...