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Jul 19, 2018 at 1:07 PM
May 27, 2009
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Blue Mtn Beach!!

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Beach Fanatic, from Blue Mtn Beach!!

Gidget was last seen:
Jul 19, 2018 at 1:07 PM
    1. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I miss and love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Caroling
      Heh heh, THANKS, I just saw this today, a bit late, but still up for being happy. Did you see the panorama I made of the 4 Seasons sun/moon rises/sets at Deer Lake beach? Dec. 21 was the last one, finishing the sequence. Having the eclipse happen was the peak of the day.
    3. scooterbug44
      FINALLY saw a ray! Not a school, just one, but it still made my day!
    4. scooterbug44
      Howdy to you too! How's life in BMB? So jealous you saw the rays - they are eluding me!
    5. ShallowsNole
      Oh you are such a doll! Thanks so much!
    6. ASH
      Looks like its been awhile since anyone posted anything here, so here I am . I love that avatar you have up right now with the tear in the eye. Enjoy the beaches and the beautiful weather as long as we can and hope the spill does minimal damage.
    7. bluecat
      So Gidget, did you try Hibiscus for your breakfast out? cheri is a super nice lady and her food is so refreshing. have a grayt day.
    8. sunspotbaby
      So nice to meet you the other day! Gidget really does fit you! :wave:
    9. sunspotbaby
      Thanks for the Happy Birthday Gidget. I, too wish it had been a sunny day. There's nothing i like more than to feel the sunshine on my face. God Bless. K
    10. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Hello, Hope it is a wonderful day for you! :wave: Thanks for stopping by. :D
    11. Over time
      Over time
      Thank you! I really appreciate the help.
    12. Over time
      Over time
      Thank you for welcoming me.. I'm still trying to find my way around. I have never been on a board/forum before and it's a whole new world! Could you tell me if there is a list of instructions any where and I'm just missing them? Sorry to bother you but do hope you can help me. I don't know where to turn to.. Thanks!
    13. Minnie
    14. Samuelsgran
      Gidget admiring your pic's on what I love about Sowall....what kind of camera were you using?Jan
    15. scooterbug44
      Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving! Next year you can be hosting in your new Sowal house!
    16. scooterbug44
      Satsumas are here!
    17. Rudyjohn
      Hi Gidget, I should tell you that I'm female. I know the profile name appears to be male. I always feel the need to clarify to members who are fairly new. My profile name is a combo of my 2 pups' names. John and Rudy. :wub::wub:
      ~ Allison :wave:
    18. kit75
      Mint And Basil are my two fav indoor plants. Great for cooking
    19. kit75
      Do you have a fall garden this year. I've been wanting to try. Normally I just plant in summer and spring. Mostly Tomatoes, Hot Thai Peppers, Bell Peppers, and yellow squash. Any ideas for easy plants for fall that will do alright. I'm in De Funiak Springs.
    20. Minnie
      Do you still want to put the watermelon photo on your page.
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