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Jan 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2005
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November 4

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Jan 10, 2012
    1. Miss Critter
      Miss Critter
      God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
    2. Lynnie
      Hey goodwitch58 - did you decide not to be a moderator? I was thrilled to see you in your new role here - sowal needs you!
    3. Bob
      Home Depot has water heater timers. our home heater is only on 4 hours a day!
    4. johnb
      Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you found it interesting!

    5. Lisa Ruby
      Lisa Ruby
      In response to the cancer patient support. I am 10 year survivor of non-hodgkin's, and single, was involved in Cultural Arts Association and they were my "team", otherwise, I would have been in big trouble! Other survivors I know are traveling this weekend, so wouldn't want to offer their assistance without checking. My name is Lisa Ruby,my cell #585-7301.
      You are welcome to pass on to your friend, I'm available if she just needs to talk with someone that knows "where she is", and will be happy to help with other issues if needed.
    6. Valerie L
      Valerie L
      Dog crates: I have 2 medium ones. A wire break down and a formed plastic that can be separated and halved for storage. My mom just left for another state and took only her knitting needles and her dogs! You can call me tomorrow and I can see them better in the garage and give you a price. I don't see they will be over $50. 231-9999 Valerie
    7. scooterbug44
      Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    8. Minnie
      Hope you had a very Happy Birthday.
    9. Teresa
      Hi GW! just checking in. you had 13 labs??? (just saw your post below). I will be ready for a new baby lab soon!
    10. Jdarg
      Ah, I just don't know what to say anymore on some of the political threads! I'm flabbergasted all the time at the outright nastiness and rude people - thanks for representing sanity and class. And yes, Option 3 is the best.
    11. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      Keep making me think!
    12. meigsart
      Hi, Please check out my illustrative work at . My other work (sculptural,murals,etc) can be seen at Thanks, Kris Meigs
    13. scooterbug44
      Sorry about your garden! You probably could have another crop - I grow stuff (or try to) year round.
    14. hippiechick
      I would love to adopt the puppy if you still have it. My15 year old lab died about a month ago. Cal me at 850-687-0044. Thanks.

    15. GoodWitch58
      we all have a weakness for Labs, too. I had 13 at one time years ago. Had them field trial them.
    16. GoodWitch58
      she is probably taking my granddaughter to kindergarten. did you leave a message?
    17. Teresa Cline
      Teresa Cline
      hi glenda...i just tried to call your DIL but there was no answer...hope it turns out ok...for this pup..,,i have a big weakness for labradors!
    18. Teresa Cline
      Teresa Cline
      hi keep me posted about the lab puppy, I dont want you to have to call animal control....thanks...teresa cline...btw,,,my phone # is 231-0057
    19. ItzKatzTime
      My flags couldn't take the salt breeze at 50 miles an hour and totally tore apart.:(
      I had them on my back porch, but I will get some more. They just make me feel good blowing out there.
    20. ItzKatzTime
      Hi Goodwitch is your tar a picture of Tibetan prayer flags on Everest or nearby. I have my own that were given to me by some monks. Love your mural work!
      :wave: Kat
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    A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
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