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Dec 7, 2017
Oct 13, 2008
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Beach Fanatic

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Dec 7, 2017
    1. BeachSunsetsInc
      Hey where y'all playing next time?
    2. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Hello, its a group to help people learn the technical things on the computer or to offer info about technical things- I also added funny comments so it wouldn't be so boring- you're welcome to add your own. If you go to my profile page you can click the sweet potato to access the group- its relatively new. Also, there is tech info in the forum under QUESTIONS,TIPS & FEEDBACK. Just a way to get more info so people can communicate in the way they want without frustration. It is help for this site and also general help for computer usage in general. Thanks for askin.
    3. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      thanx for bein a friend...we'll see ya around sowal- let me know if you have special posts you want me to read so I don't miss them!
    4. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Hey groovegirls,
      Join tech trek and be my friend
      just go to my profile page and punch the sweet potato
      drop a line if u feel like it
    5. sunspotbaby
      Hey there, We Met over at my neighbors birthday party. I have the little asked you if you had a treasure...she thought you were a pirate because of your bandana! :funn:
      Stop by sometime! :wave:
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    I run a mobile music business called Southern Groove and fight city hall in my "spare" time.