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May 20, 2018
Dec 20, 2004
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Sep 3, 1961 (Age: 56)
Lacey's Spring, Alabama
Desktop Publisher

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Darlene is my middle name, not my nickname, 56, from Lacey's Spring, Alabama

kathydwells was last seen:
May 20, 2018
    1. kathydwells
      Hi Shaken...I must give credit to my good friend Sara who took the pics. Thank you!
    2. shakennotstirred
      :wave: Just checked out your April 2010 photos. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing them.
    3. Mermaid
      Happy New Year!
    4. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      Stop being so busy and get back here! I am having Darlene withdrawal.
    5. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      DARLENE....I thought you were leaving today (saturday). Can't wait to hear from you on my new shellphone! Your vm was the best one! XOX
    6. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanx for bein a friend- Have a great one!!! :wave:
    7. jessifunn
    8. jessifunn
      duh! the neon was glowing the other night when I passes by!
    9. jessifunn
      guess what's back.....

    10. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanx, would you like to be my friend? I had another question trying to confirm what you were saying- would you see if it was correct? It's in the potato patch in the same category...
    11. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      howdy, wanted to invite u to pick a pic from my photo album to post with the group pics...see ya there
    12. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      hey, I'm glad you joined tech trek- let's be friends- jump in anytime & say whatever- if you have problem accessing the page, go to my potato on my profile page and punch it- I don't know how else to get there- luv ur pages!- people friendly!
    13. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      Darleeeeeeene! Where are you? I miss you!!!
    14. JB
      Hey, I'm still alive. Just buried with work and parenting. Boys are now 3 1/2 and 18 mos. They take up all my time. Hopefully, will be able to get to Walton in mid-May. Take care!
    15. aggieb
      OMC your siggy kitty. LMAO!
    16. ItzKatzTime
      :wave: You sure have a neat profile page. I guess when you saw mine you must have laughed. I don't do graphics! Leave me a message next time! ;-)
    17. seagrovelover
      Hi Kathy girl !!!! I have not been on in ages, going to try to catch up a bit. How have you been and hows your sister? I know that I don't even have to ask if you have a SOWAL vacation planned for next year. Hope you are happy and healthy. hugs Kelly Bock ps. hows you son? is he driving yet??
    18. Lynnie
      Thank you - I am kinda' a late bloomer, I suspect. Looking forward to more posts with you and seeing you around 30-A!! Some of these posters are truly nuts, huh?? LOL
    19. AAbsolute
      Thanks for visiting my homepage, Welcome, John
    20. Cheering472
      Happy New Year!
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    Sep 3, 1961 (Age: 56)
    Lacey's Spring, Alabama
    Desktop Publisher
    Mother, Wife, LOVE the Beach and all Animals !!!!

    The Beach! Watching my son play Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. Watching Alabama Football !!!


    ~If Life is a journey....the BEACH should be the destination!~
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