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May 10, 2014
Mar 8, 2008
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My perfect beach

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Miss Critter

Beach Fanatic, from My perfect beach

Miss Critter was last seen:
May 10, 2014
    1. GoodWitch58
      LOL. I have this posted by my computers! How's your move coming? Will you be doing some travel with this job too?
    2. GoodWitch58
      can you shed some light on this? surely, they are not going to use this grammar? To each (singular) your (plural)...I hope something is missing from what we have on Sowal.
    3. johnb
      Thank you for reading my blog--hope it was useful or interesting.

    4. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Ms. Critter,
      I know you have a beautiful character just like Minnie, Kat , and others that I don't have time to name. Thank you for always being so sweet. I pray all your dreams come true. :wub:
    5. Minnie
      Hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year.
    6. ItzKatzTime
      I can't bear to change my siggy...it's just too cool! And makes me feel good too!
    7. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I am so down with that : )
    8. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I want a moose burger with some whining on the side and then I'll quit my job and blame it on you being mean to me!
    9. Susan Horn
      Susan Horn
      Hey Miss Critter,

      Thanks for the friend invite. Please reveal your true identity! Thanks.

    10. Truth
      Peace and Love
    11. ItzKatzTime
      Thank you so much for the videos....each are magnificent!
      Inspiration and validation! I've been telling everyone I could today, "You are great. You are amazing!" And I've received so many smiles and hugs. Thank you for this gift MissCritter that you shared and now we can share with others. :wub:
    12. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      You are sweet! Have a great day! :wave:
    13. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      I would personally like to thank you for the post on validation in the lounge. Its a very overlooked undersought after quality in todays society in most cases. Its funny how sometimes the most important things in life get shoved under the rug. I wanted to find a ringing cowbell to attach to it, but I suppose the people that want to adapt to this way of thinking, if they are not there already, will find the way at some point. Road rage, diner rage, and rage in general,(or depression-rage turned inward) would certainly have to take a backseat, or no seat at all, if this became the practice in our society.
      Love the soft blues in your profile page. :wave:
    14. ItzKatzTime
      Love Love Love your avatar. Everytime I see it I want to grab that ball and throw it to see he/she run! It never fails to make me smile!!!
    15. AAbsolute
      Thanks, me too.
    16. Teresa
      oh thanks! I had to go see what tar I had - yes, its my dear beloved Lulu running and having funn on vacation at Fernadina Beach a few years ago. Lee John is in the background - barely out of toddlerhood. I love it too.
    17. Beachbummett
      Sorry Miss Critter, I just saw this! Geeez! I'm losing it!

      I'm sure he would love to seet he Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I will be in town the weekend of Valentines Day, are you there? Let's do coffee or something, I'm going with gayboi and all to the Panama City Mardi Gras parade, join us!
    18. DD
      Hell, I had no idea we weren't already friends! Now, you can see my pics.
    19. ItzKatzTime
      Thank you MC for the sweet words under Dr. Causton's thread. Yes indeed, he was a very special person who lived for his children, patients and granddaughters!
    20. organicmama
      Thanks for sharing the book with me. Started it already. Will be glad when the kids go to bed so I can read more of it.

      So much funn today with The Klatch!
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    My perfect beach
    Your SoWal space:
    Santa Rosa Beach
    Your 1st time in SoWal:
    '80's - back when it was in the middle of beautiful nowhere!
    I'd Like To Meet:
    Jesus, Albert Einstein, Shelly
    Favorite Music:
    Eclectic. NO RAP!
    Favorite Movies:
    Where to begin? Uplifting, funny, romantic.
    Favorite TV shows:
    The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Big Bang, Modern Family
    Favorite Books:
    Mysteries, personal development, spiritual enlightenment.
    Sojourner trying to learn the lay of the land.

    Reading, Enlightenment, Wine


    Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell
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