Miss Kitty
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Jun 14, 2018 at 5:48 PM
Jun 10, 2005
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Jul 20, 1954 (Age: 63)

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Miss Kitty

Meow, 63

Miss Kitty was last seen:
Jun 14, 2018 at 5:48 PM
    1. kurt
    2. Bob
      answers please
    3. scooterbug44
      Hello stranger!
    4. Hop
      So close...yet so far away!!! I didn't even get a hug. Thanks for coming out! OXOX
    5. Mermaid
      Happy New Year to You!
    6. scooterbug44
      Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy your turkey day in Sowal w/ your family!
    7. NoHall
      HELLO! I miss you.
    8. Teresa
      omc, I almost "reported" your post because I am not used to using my profile page on sowal, and don't know what I'm doing. even though its easy - I'm a little rusty. no you didn't lose me to FB, or maybe you did. I am trying to figure it all out, and so far I truly have not found anything that is making me want to stay on FB. I was telling kurt today that I cannot figure out what FB is suppose to do for me. really. I do NOT care about when someone went to potty or which events they are effing planning to go to in January 2010. surely I can find something that excites me and is actually USEFUL for me.... what have you found? give me some hints will ya?
    9. NoHall
      Hanging in there! I took myself off crutches yesterday, did alright until tonight. Mom and I went to a movie, and when we started to leave I was suddenly in pain again. ? I think I'll just sit on the couch all weekend. :)

      How's your kitty paw doing?
    10. kathydwells
      I'm trying to get back. I only have a few minutes when I get home to check in. I see the political threads are still taking over. :roll:

      I miss you all very much. Hopefully things will slow down for me soon! :wave:
    11. jessifunn
    12. Lynnie
      Funn, funn, funn!! XOXO
    13. Smiling JOe
      Smiling JOe
      yes. let us know when you are coming.
    14. DD
      I thought you were.
    15. Rita
      Love daylilies & irises!
      hmmmm "coral bark Japanese Maple" sounds really neat! Post a pic of that. I'm off to google to see what that looks like!
    16. TooFarTampa
      Can't rep ya anymore so wanted to say THANKS for the kind words, and I love you back by the way. And the day I turn into a drama queen is the day you need to take me out back and shoot me. :wave: :lol:
    17. aggieb
    18. Mermaid
      I want to hear all about Maine when you get back!
    19. Jdarg
      I will call you tomorrow and sort it all night. Right now I am trying to erase the visual of OMBs and DD's story from my brain before I go to bed- it is involving wine.
    20. Alicia Leonard
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    Jul 20, 1954 (Age: 63)
    married, two kids 24/22. own at WC ,been coming down 18 yrs


    Which community along 30A shall we pillage this evening?....gttbm
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