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Aug 4, 2011
May 28, 2007
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April 11
Northern Hall County, GA
I don't remember

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hmmmm......can't remember, from Northern Hall County, GA

NoHall was last seen:
Aug 4, 2011
    1. scooterbug44
      Aha! You came back to get birthday wishes! I have cracked the case! Happy Birthday! :wave:
    2. scooterbug44
      Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are having a restful day w/ your family!
    3. kit75
      Hello. What's up? Catch ya later.
    4. DD
      Would LOVE to see you...and I'm sure you can find a place to stay.
    5. DD
      I know!!!! So glad you stopped by!!! You goin to the soiree?
    6. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      How's the das boot, chapter 2?
    7. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty followed directions! made it somewhat easier!
    8. Minnie
      My podiatrist is a gift from Heaven. He is very anti-surgery. I did have to wear some inserts for awhile and had a few painful injections and change my choice of shoes. Clarks work great for me. But being pain free for years was worth it.
    9. Minnie
      Hope your feet get better, just be sure to follow drs orders and it will improve and go away.
    10. aggieb
      you make me laugh. i heart you!
    11. Susan Horn
      Susan Horn
      Thanks for the kind words about my partner/Hub. He really is an amazing guy in all kinds of ways. Hope to meet you too! Lori Ceier (Walton Outdoors) came over yesterday to take some pics and is doing a story on one of our little backyard projects -- building an herb spiral using materials left over from other projects, that we kept out of the landfill till we could find a use for..... I'm sure she'll post a link to that when the story's ready.
    12. Matt J
      Matt J
      Clark Kent is a big old Hetero, but DS loves him some Smallville.

      You can stay, but you'll have to share the bathroom with the kitties "bathrooms", we only move them out for guests. Permanent residents will have to tolerate the bouquet.
    13. Matt J
      Matt J
      Your suite comes with access to full cable, every movie channel except cinemax, on-demand, and a subscription to netflix. Plus our extensive library of gay movies. You can catch up on Queer as Folk, Not Another Gay Movie, Will and Grace, and Smallville.
    14. Matt J
      Matt J
      We seem to have lost your reservation.... :funn:

      I don't mind it every once in a while, in fact I love 80's music. ;-)
    15. Matt J
      Matt J
      I don't remember the thread, but if it makes you feel better I've got the song stuck in my head. :bang:
    16. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Thanx for bein a friend- love the tomato post!
    17. CPort
      Just came by to say Happy Easter!
    18. Matt J
      Matt J
      Yes, I did go straight, and according to this book I'm way behind on kids. Is there any such thing as rent-a-womb?

    19. TooFarTampa
      No kidding! I show him no sympathy when he gets a cold :lol: but he has been getting all the attention he needs this week!
    20. TooFarTampa
      Thanks! That is so sweet. Since he is a former Marine you probably can guess he doesn't like to be taken care of much, or at least doesn't admit to liking it. :lol:
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    April 11
    Northern Hall County, GA
    I don't remember
    Your SoWal space:
    Your 1st time in SoWal:
    I started coming to the Gulf Trace subdivision for Memorial Day weekend trips with Young Life in 199
    I'd Like To Meet:
    Somewhere for drinks. Or kickball. Or both.
    Favorite Music:
    The waves hitting the shore if I'm in SoWal. The wind in the trees if I'm in NoHall.
    Favorite Movies:
    Old ones.
    Favorite TV shows:
    They still have shows on t.v.?
    Favorite Books:
    I have enough love in my heart for all of them.
    under all these clothes, I'm completely nekkid

    visiting friends at the beach! (wanna be my friend?)


    Life doesn't get any better than this.
    (Jayne N. Burns)

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