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Mar 8, 2011
Nov 10, 2005
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Beach Fanatic

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Mar 8, 2011
    1. ItzKatzTime
      Hi Olive how are y'all doing? I know your sweet baby girl is growing fast. Y'all are soooo missed!
      :wave: Kat
    2. Minnie
    3. sunspotbaby
      :wave: Cute Dodie pic!
    4. Minnie
    5. Beachbummett
      Oh my~Dodie sure is growing! I love your new avatar. Precious baby girl.
    6. AAbsolute
      Maeby Funke says your an Arrested Development lover. Let's be friends (I'm very happily married) Any A D lover is a friend of mine.
    7. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      oooooh, I want a Dodie snuggle!
    8. Teresa
      oh olive - it was great seeing you too. too bad you had to work! hope to see that kid very soon.
    9. Jdarg
      OK- where are ya?
    10. Allifunn
      You were a bit busy! I hear the Prom was wonderful! Coming in from a nine hour drive was not conducive to a perky prom Alison....LOL. Next time! Sorry you could not make it to the soiree, but I know I will get the chance to see you...a lot in the future.
    11. NoHall
      Good stuff...there are lots of folks on SoWal who don't rent pigs :lol:
    12. Beachbummett
      It was so nice seeing you and Dodie at Fire! She is precious! Hope to get to see you soon.
    13. cherijean
      I'm very proud of you too! You are so precious and fun!! HUGS!!!
    14. Mermaid
      I'm so glad we saw you at the prom!!!
    15. potatovixen
      Dodie is just too cute. I am still working on her special present. Surely it'll be done before she turns a year old. :biggrin::wub:
      I miss seeing you every day! Love you!
    16. BeachSiO2
      She's doing pretty well. She is over 9lbs so that's good considering she was at 4.2 just over a month ago. I'll put some pics up later.

      I also look forward to checking out all the prom pics and stories on here. I heard about the winners, but you and Granberry are still our winners!

      How's dodie? That's a great picture on this page. Tell Amory that me and the Missus said hello.
    17. Mango
      I looked for you. You looked great and you are awesome. Wonderful job fundraising. YOU ROCK! :clap::clap:
      MANgo and I had soooo much funn, it was sinful. Definitely a memorable night!!!
    18. NoHall
      "It's been quite a party, Woodrow, hasn't it?" :biggrin:
    19. NoHall
      Dangit...I didn't really get to do much dot-comming this weekend, so I missed this and I'm already home. I was a little bit over-peopled this morning, and headed out after breakfast (which was a good thing, because traffic ended up being pretty nasty.)

      You will see me again. I'm a little shocked that you've not seen me before, actually. This is the first of my last four visits that I've failed to go to Amore to eat. I hope to be down again Memorial Day weekend, and then I'll be back over the summer as many times as I can persuade someone to let me mooch off 'em. :D We will hang, my friend--I promise you that!
    20. hnooe
      There is a future Prom Queen in the making...look out 2025!
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