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Nov 26, 2017
Jan 25, 2005
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Michigan but someday in SoWal as well
Teach at University, write, consult

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Beach Fanatic, from Michigan but someday in SoWal as well

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Nov 26, 2017
    1. Paula
      One renter has asked for a refund &I kindly told her that I'm going to wait a little while to see what happens. I explained that it would be like cancelling when there's a hurricane coming into the gulf and we don't know where it's going to it-80% of the time it doesn't affect us. If oil does hit our area very badly, I'm inclined to let people cancel or offer them discounts for their weeks if the area is not that badly affected. I may not be able to let a lot of people cancel because a rental company manages my rentals and even the rental company may say "no" because it's their livelihood at stake. If it's really bad and there's a smell in the air, I think we should be allowed to let people cancel. If it's not that bad, then I'm on the line and would offer discounts if people asked. I think it's going to be at least a week before we even start getting information about what's going to happen in our area. what are you going to do?
    2. gmarc
      I know you rent a few homes. what is your cancel policy? mine is 60 days or less i give no refund of any moneys paid. if this hits hard we knwo there will be many cancels. how are you going to handle this? thanks
    3. Paula
      I completely agree. I live very happily without being connected all the time (though I'm on my laptop much of the time, which is why I can't see being connected to the phone all the time, too).
    4. scooterbug44
      I manage to survive with a cell phone that only makes calls/texts too. IMO people with the new fangled special multi-function phones miss a lot because they are glued to the screen!
    5. Paula
      And merry Christmas and Happy 2010 to you and yours as well.
    6. Minnie
      Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.
    7. Paula
      beacheart: check your pms because I couldn't fit all the info on this board.
    8. beacheart
      Read your opinion on Sterling taking over Beach Rentals. I have received one letter from the new owner and she seems very upbeat, however we have not spoken personally and I have not received any type of agreement from her. I like Mary very much and have been satisifed for the most part with beach rentals. I think the linens and towels are below par especially considering the amount of money I had to contribute for them. Also housekeeping towards the end of the season slacked off quite a bit. Would appreciate your private thoughts about the communication with these new people and also what are the new rental fees? There seems to be alot of new people on the payroll. Thanks
    9. ItzKatzTime
      Those are the coolest pictures of your family at Survivor 06!!!!
    10. ItzKatzTime
      :wave:Hi Paula....hope you are doing well. Just wanted to stop by. Are you coming in this month or already here? Have lots of fun!!!!:clap:
    11. Paula
      Thank you thank you thank you. I had a great birthday with the girls. A wonderful way to start the new year. I won't be in SoWal until at least April, if then. How about you? I may try to coordinate a spring trip with the soiree/ho down if there is one.
    12. Mermaid
      Happy Birthday dear Paula!
    13. Minnie
    14. Minnie
    15. Mermaid
      Paula! Thank you for your birthday wishes. I owe you a great big PM...miss you a lot.
    16. Paula
      Hi Minnie: It's great to hear from you! I have been so very busy with everything these past few months - we finalized the divorce this past week and, because we moved it forward quickly, there was a lot to do in a short period of time. But now it's done and we can all look forward. And I'm looking forward to my August trip to SoWal. I'm in Hong Kong now for work (I teach in Hong Kong twice each year). How are you doing and when do you get back to SoWal?

      I'm not on the board as much these days because I've been so busy, but to be honest I really don't know how to get onto my profile page messages (or whatever we call these) unless someone emails me first and then I can respond. I'll probably have some time now to learn how to use this new discussion board system.
    17. Minnie
      How are you, miss hearing from you? Are you getting excited about your trip.
    18. Paula
      Hi BB: Wow, coming to Michigan. I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan (southeastern Michigan where the University of Michigan is). I'll be in Italy beginning July 13 for about 2 weeks. When will you be here? Glad you liked the limoncello cream. One of these days I'll post the recipe. Not hard to make and you keep it in the freezer because it's best when it's icy cold. It really was great to see you and I hope we actually get time to sit down and talk someday.
    19. Beachbummett
      The limoncello was fabulous, it went down a little tooooo smooooth! I'm ready for some more. When are you leaving?

      I'm coming to Michigan in July! What part are you in?
    20. Paula
      Hi BB: Good to hear from you and looking forward to seeing you at the soiree. I was in SoWal last week (at the cottage) and made the limoncello cream there and put it in the fridge with a big note on it that says "please save for owner". Sooooo, we'll see if the guests leave it or drink it! There's a lot of it. I'm REALLY looking forward to the soiree and seeing everyone. It was snowing here in MIchigan yesterday! See you soon.
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    Michigan but someday in SoWal as well
    Teach at University, write, consult
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    Came to SoWal at SuperMom's recommendation in 2003 and have loved it ever since.
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    People who are good-willed.
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    The Night of the Shooting Stars and Cinema Paradiso.
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    Anything by Pema Chodron (Bhuddist writings); A Thread of Grace; Bel Canto
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