Dec 1, 2004
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June 7
Dune Allen Beach
horticulture - retired

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    1. scooterbug44
      It won't let me rep again so soon, but I love SMokey the Bear!
    2. Beauty hunter
      Beauty hunter
      Nice pic- love the colors. You asked about a tornado pic awhile back, are you a fan of dramatic occurrences in geography also? I don't like the destruction or the loss of lives, but am fascinated by the raw power of mother nature!
    3. Teresa
      hi rita and thanks for the thanks! how are ya??? Do you ever make it over this way for a visit?
    4. Susan Horn
      Susan Horn

      Thank you for the god rep.

    5. Teresa
      Hi Rita. some of the boys and girls are getting to be awfully bad in the political forum. its probably going to get much worse. oh well!
    6. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      Rita...planted day lilies instead of peonies. MUCH better choice, no? HA! Also planted a new coral bark japanese maple! Always happy to fit another tree in!
    7. jessifunn
      :clap: fantastic!
    8. jessifunn
      Did you get your 30A Funn sticker?
    9. Miss Kitty
      Miss Kitty
      Hello, margarita! I was enjoying the view of my chinquapin oak yesterday and thought of you! It is doing beautifully! Can I grow peonies here?
    10. Rita
      Thanks! Found it. "Classic 50s Beach Cottage". Ahhh - SoWalling at work eh? hehe
    11. DD
      Hey dear! I have it bookmarked at home...it's on vrbo...i think it says "50's Florida Cottage"--but I'll send it when I get home. My columbines are blooming too!!! I just love them! I want more!!
    12. ItzKatzTime
      What a great family!!!
    13. ItzKatzTime
      Hi Rita just was going through profile tonight and I can't believ we are friends....can we be???
      :wave: Kat
    14. Minnie
    15. NoHall
      I think that when I'm tired (and I am very tired!) I get a funny form of turrets. I'm never funny earlier in the day...

      Nite, Rita! :wave:
    16. NoHall
      And you, too! I like all you sweet Cheeri-Os, and some of you are definitely of the honey-nut variety. :biggrin:
    17. Beachbummett
      I love your supersquirrel! Too cute!
    18. Goddessgal
      Yeah, or if you get Euros in Dublin they should be easy to change over, I should think. Definitely take warm clothes and shoes! I was surprised how much windier and colder it is by the seaside. I've been there in spring and in summer, and hardly ever went anywhere without a light jacket.
      Enjoy! And we hope to see some good pics! :)
    19. Goddessgal
      Thank you! I never actually crossed the border into N. Ireland, but my husband (the world traveler :) ) is pretty sure that the currency in Northern Ireland is also GBP - the same as British pounds. As far as getting those, you can exchange currency at the airport-the exchange rate can be a bit crappy though. Other options would be to get travelers checks, or use your credit card/debit card to get cash withdrawals. If the symbols on the back of your card are also on the ATM machine, you should be in business. Where are you flying into?
    20. Goddessgal
      Hi Rita! It's been forever since I have been on SoWal - I got swamped with job hunting - found a nice teaching position here in the Houston area in the end. I would be happy to share what I know about Ireland - sorry for the late reply!
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    June 7
    Dune Allen Beach
    horticulture - retired
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