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Jul 12, 2005
Feb 10, 2005
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Chicago Area

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SoWal Insider, from Chicago Area

Rudyjohn was last seen:
Jul 12, 2005
    1. Minnie
      The first installment of the Travel blog is up.
    2. Minnie
      Thanks, I am going down to see her tomorrow for a few days. Have to work around my hubbie's work schedule . Hope you are haivng a good weekend. I am thinking of doing a blog on mine and Kat's trip to Disney World. What you think?
    3. ItzKatzTime
      That is a cute avitar!!!!
    4. Lynnie
      Hey - cold there? Cold here. Sorry to hear about board issues you've had. I find it silly, but I guess it's in every community, right? Hopefully, no more red squares!! Cheers and hoping all is well~~~~
    5. John R
      John R
      i saw it on my dvr, looking good so far.
    6. Minnie
      Dressed my page up for St. Patrick's Day!
    7. ItzKatzTime
      Thanks for your comments. I'm a bit down because of that stuff going around here so I've been in bed with cold/flu medicine for over 10 days and haven't got those pictures together yet. Won't be long!:wave:
    8. Lynnie
      No worries, Dahling. You are funn and funny - thank you for the laughs. So, when will you be in Walton Co. next?
    9. ClintClint
      Thanks for your comments with the reps. I've had to disable my PM capability 'cause some of the "most rspected" members have turned it into a sewer and don't respect the intended private nature of the messages. Don't lose your independent thinking and keen intuition into members true nature.
    10. Minnie
      Changed our mind about the Disney World Trip report. Someone would probably post something crappy to it, totally off topic, and we had such a magical time we don't want to ruin it that way. IBD has some fabulous photos of all us at Epcot and when I get them and Kat's I will share some with you. Thanks for asking though.
    11. Minnie
      Kat and I are going to do one together, we are having camera issues. I don't have one and hers is working but her computer is not. We had a great time.
    12. Lady D
      Lady D
      Hey Johnrudy. Been just hanging out and watching what football there was on. Been visiting the mother in law in the nursing home here also just about every evening when my husband is off from work. I did not see the birthday thread. I have noticed not many of the calendars have anything birthday on them any more. What has happened??? Am I looking at the wrong ones?
    13. Minnie
    14. Minnie
    15. Allifunn
      thanks girl! life here is not so scary...I am loving it! Every day is an adventure! How are you doing?
    16. audie
      it's the same ole same ole here, how are you? i hope you had a wonderful holiday. we didn't do anything exciting, pretty much stayed around the house the whole time and it was wonderful !
    17. Minnie
      Thanks, I can't get exactly like I want it. I changed it again. lol
    18. Minnie
    19. Beachbummett
      Thank you JR, we really are enjoying it. The mosiac in the window was bought at Fusions in Seaside. The artist is Victoria Garley, she only does commission pieces now, she is in Ft. Walton her phone number is 850-244-9984. She does absolutely beautiful work. I will try to get a picture of it in the daylight and post it for you, it is even prettier then.
    20. Minnie
      Have my page all read for Thanksgiving, your review please.
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