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Jan 5, 2012
May 8, 2007
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August 7

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SoWal Expert, from Sowal

scooterbug44 was last seen:
Jan 5, 2012
    1. Gidget
      LONG time no talk! How are you?? Hope things are going well. Wanted to say hi!
    2. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      Well, I thought I'd post that instead of Uterus!
    3. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I didn't see this. I'm still getting used to the new board. I miss you. Hope all is well with you, Scooty.:wave: Uterus.
    4. sunspotbaby
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    5. Allifunn
      I am here! I am staying at Deb's house for the time being. Looking for a furnished place to rent for the next 6-8 months. I am kind of lying low this week while I get used to working again. We must get together soon!
    6. Allifunn
      Dang girl...I didn't see this until today! You must have had esp! I was at Chan's today and just before I read this I said to myself "damn, I didn't get any cous cous"!! I have esp too!!!
    7. Mango
      Awe inspiring pictures, Scooty. Makes me want to come and visit the Scootybug family!
    8. Gidget
      I signed in today just to see your pics and I'm so glad I did. They are breathtaking and the goats are too much!! I've never seen goats like those! Thanks for the heads up and for sharing!
    9. Gidget
      :wave:Saying "hi"! How are you? I hope you are well and that you are enjoying this fall weather!
    10. Rita
      Thanks! It covered the flaming and stupidity all in one! :biggrin:

    11. LuciferSam
      I've been wanting to use that one for years! Figures SoWal would give me the opportunity.:lol:
    12. Gidget
      COOL about the ray! :D Not on much right now. Dang upper back is out and it hurts to sit a 'puter. :( TTYL!
    13. AlphaCrab
      just don"t get that many text messages to even check! ..did u get my e-mail about Weds at Wcolor Beach club?
    14. Gidget
      Just decided to pop in on your page and saw HOWDY! :D
    15. Minnie
      It is a very good movie, glad you enjoyed it. Glad to hear you enjoyed SITC/2, I have not seen it yet and was looking forward to seeing it.
    16. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      Thanks doll. Does goofing off all day and then taking a bubble bath sound about right. lol
    17. Alicia Leonard
    18. Teresa
      thank you scoot. what are your plans? traveling?
    19. NoHall
      Thanks! Hope your Thanksgiving was great!
    20. Mango
      Happy T-giving to you as well! I just got back from Black Friday and desperately need some sleep. :shock:

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    August 7
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    Villa Scooterbug
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    Random job interview - bless the internet!
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    Amelia Earhardt and Leonardo Da Vinci
    Favorite Music:
    Any song that makes me smile, laugh or dance!
    Favorite TV shows:
    Bones, Big Bang Theory
    Climbing up mountains, skiing down them, and anything to do with the water!