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May 6
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SoWal Guide, from South Walton, FL

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Jun 20, 2018 at 1:37 PM
    1. greenroomsurfer
      Butthead? maybe I can get Dread Clampitt to play you my favorite song. It's called------ Don't fall in love with honey cuz I'm an arshole but your the cuttest sweetheart in the world ( yes I'm serious) My wife always gets them to play it on my B-day . Sorry!!
    2. Mango
      Where's my pesto? [IMG]
    3. Teresa
      oh dear gyps. that must have been such an incredibly sad and joyous year. bitter sweet. and really tough at such a young age.
    4. Gypsea
      I was 19. My mother died the month before I married Mike. It was a quick lesson in maturity.
    5. Gypsea
      I would love to hear your stories sometime! Maybe the reason I don't feel like I'm going to hell is because of my level headed Lutheran mom. For birth control she did the rythym thing for my father's sake and was pregant within their first month of marriage and then had her second son a year after that. After having two boys within a year she told my father that she would be using effective birth control from that point forward. My father was the strict Catholic but before he died I found out that even he was a softy inside. He had a long list of things that he would disown me for and after I married he told me that he wouldn't have disowned me for any of them. I could have had soooo much more fun had I known that!!!!! Maybe its better that I didn't! By the way, when I was ninteen and my mother was dying she became Catholic to honor my father. My father died of a broken heart nine months after her death. What a love story they had! I miss them both greatly! I didn't have them long but they were wonderful in teaching life's important lessons!
    6. Gypsea
      Toots, no problem backing you up!!!! As one who went to Catholic girls school I don't even find it that controversial. I don't know of one of my contemporaries who chose the rhythm method of birth control or at least tried it more than once. There is a good reason that the average family size for Catholics dropped from enormous to 2 per couple. Thank God! I also understand that the Pope and his teachings are for us to attain a higher level and I have no problem with that. What you will not find me posting is that I believe that priests should be able to marry and also strongly believe in stem cell research. Don't want to piss Skunky off! Do those of other faiths believe 100% of their churches teachings? Probably not many.

      I'll be down May 20 and will be staying until the 30th. Lets do lunch or yoga!

      Have a great Mothers Day!
    7. Mango
    8. Alicia Leonard
    9. InletBchDweller
      Toots, The OMB thread had to be reincarnated....dont ya think??? The random photos are so funny. Wait until you see the ones of us at B&A's that time with the fake boobs and @ss!!:floor:

      your front to back wiper....:lol:
    10. rapunzel
      I thought it was hilarious. Besides, it explains while evil people are so mean -- they have a nasty UTI all the time!
    11. organicmama
      Thanks! Yours is beautiful too! I always enjoy your tars & even Mr. OM commented on your latest the other day. Yes, it's Point Washington. My camera broke or I'd have more. Hope your birthday was the greatest!
    12. Beachbummett
      Happy FN Birthday wench!!! :wub::wave:
    13. scooterbug44
      Are you hungover? Didn't think you had that much yesterday!
    14. scooterbug44
      No whining even if hungover. Wrath of the Grape is not an excuse!
    15. Teresa
      I grew up on lipton. and while i enjoy other teas that others make, I have to have my lipton. can't wait to try the big bag.
    16. Mermaid
      Jenny has the best recipe for sweet tea that is lighter and not as cloying as the real thing. She said now she actually prefers it to regular sweet tea. I'm like you though in that I think the calorific stuff is a special treat. Once in a while. ;-)
    17. Mermaid
      Tootsie! about sweet tea--Lipton makes a cold-brewed pitcher size tea bag. All you do is pour the water add the bag and it brews itself. And it's not bitter, either, but perfect to turn into your own sweet tea when you're not driving in the vicinity of Annie's. :D
    18. Beachbummett
      spidey is precious. does kurt have to moniter sowal all the time? is that why he got moniter help. how come he did not ask me and you to moniter....nevermind...you and i would be in the middle of it.

      loved 3:10 to yuma! you will love iron man! petey boy says hello. we will see his brother, sis-in-law and nephew tomorrow 'cause it is the nephews first holy communion, aunt ann and uncle paul are going to be there then sunday morning they are leaving for hawaii....i am threatening to go with them....want to join me? :wave:
    19. Beachbummett
      I've always spoke softly and carried a pistol! FFF and I just got home from seeing Iron Man...loved it! Go see it or be sure and rent when it comes out. Loved, loved, loved Robert Downey Jr, I have always thought he was a grayt talent, just very troubled.

      I just poured myself a glass of Kris Pinot Grigio and FFF is watching the news....as usual. Well, at least we are in the same room, actually on the same couch. What are Kurt, Spidey and Loulou doing?
    20. Beachbummett
      What'cha doin toots?
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    May 6
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    South Walton, FL
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    Elton John, U2, Pink, Sheryl Crow, Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Jack Johnson, B-52's, Widespread Pan
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    Moulin Rouge
    Star Wars (all)
    Lord of the Rings
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    good movies
    Game of Thrones
    yoga, reading, cooking! I love winter time in South Walton!


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