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Jun 19, 2018 at 9:25 AM
Nov 15, 2004
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May 6
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South Walton, FL

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SoWal Guide, from South Walton, FL

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Jun 19, 2018 at 9:25 AM
    1. InletBchDweller
      beach....please be careful driving back...
    2. elgordoboy
      ?a juevo! ?
    3. InletBchDweller
      So, are ya back yet? The crowds are getting LARGE!!
    4. elgordoboy
      :wave: I wanted to drop in and say hey. I haven't been by before (I am not big on the pop-in even in cyber space).
    5. hnooe
      Toots, Have the best weekend, OK--you deserve it. BTW Did you know I live with two angry Sicilians? Pray for me.
    6. InletBchDweller
      Have a great time Toots. See ya soon!!!
    7. shakennotstirred
      Thanks - I needed a little spring here in the cold North last week. Hope to see you as well!
    8. DD
      Luv IP and Apalach!!! I'm jealous!! Have funn with your darling Spidey and your parents!! I miss the sheet out of ya--but I will survive until you return--maybe.
    9. DD
      Where The Hail Are You???????????????
    10. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      She is too cool : ) Love her already. I want to come but I need to find someone who will adopt me for the night, so I don't have to drive back : ) If I don't get to, then lunch is a must : )
    11. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I think I knew all along he was going to be my choice, but there is so much at stake this year that I have been waiting until I was sure and looked at how he handled himself with the press and the issues. I'm a good devils advocate and sometimes it causes me to hesitate where decisions this large are concerned until I'm ready to commit.
    12. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      I think Obama has done a very wise thing reaching out to that age group and they do seem to be enthused. My fella and I had a long discussion last weekend about who we wanted to support. He is very anti status quo as am I. Where I had been teetering on undecided, he was leaning toward McCain. Obama's speech won him over and we both decided that Obama was the best choice out of the three, so he has two more votes now : )
    13. Biff
      Yea baby! Ill be there wahhhhhhhooooooooooo!!! :wave:
    14. Mango
      Like you how you change your page often. Spidey looks cute with his Easter eggies.
    15. Alicia Leonard
      Alicia Leonard
      Love the page. awesome. Thanks for the rep. I work with a lot of college kids when I do theater at OWC and that is what I hear from that age group.
    16. Minnie
      Your Star Wars make me smile, and that cute kid. :)
    17. Biff
      HOLY CRAP!!!! HOWD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR PAGE!!!!!!!!??????? :wub:
      Can you email me the 411 about the shindigg; my flight wont be in until 5-6 pm that Friday night...the 18th...
    18. Rudyjohn
      :clap:Just checking your page. So cute with the Darth mask. I remember my son used to sleep in his mask! He was about the same age as your son in the picture.
    19. Sheila
      Geez, I can't get used to all these new fuc....fangled features! Thanks so much for my chicklet and visiting my profile page! Glad to hear you had a pocking good time on Easter. Wish I'd been there.:wave:
    20. TooFarTampa
      Everyone is in bed now, whew. Disaster averted for another day. So where is the Fleming's now? Pier Park? Please say yes!
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    May 6
    Home Page:
    South Walton, FL
    Favorite Music:
    Elton John, U2, Pink, Sheryl Crow, Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Jack Johnson, B-52's, Widespread Pan
    Favorite Movies:
    Moulin Rouge
    Star Wars (all)
    Lord of the Rings
    Favorite TV shows:
    good movies
    Game of Thrones
    yoga, reading, cooking! I love winter time in South Walton!


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