Free download of new Coconut Radio song "Make A Change"

Discussion in 'Music and Nightlife' started by weatabix, May 10, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, we will be there tomorrow along with many others to hopefully voice our opinions or at the very least show solidarity......Steve and I have written a song inspired by this situation and want to give it as a gift to all that support the live music scene......Please visit at It is ironic that while playing this song at Pandora's friday night, the police showed up and sat in the parking lot......Hope they liked it! At any rate, please show up to the meeting at 4p and show your support.....And, thank you for all the involvement you have shown concerning this issue. On behalf of all the musicians, we appreciate you!!
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    Beautiful song...thanks.

    I find it hard to understand how anyone could find this music too loud?:idontno:

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