Miss my 30A radio connection

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    The distance seems less when we have 30A radio streaming throughout the house. Can't connect today. Glad 30A has mostly avoided damage but unfortunately NOLA was hit again. We were there in April for the Final Four. First visit since I was a little girl. Pretty wild. Not a typical visit/vacation/trip. We did take an alternate route back to Louisville and had a bloody Mary at the Red Bar then lunch at Bud Alley's. We have had a drought and should be getting rain this weekend from Issac. Timing is kinda bad - first football game of the season but you can't complain - drought, hurricane damage.
    My husband's older sister and her husband sold their house, stored their belongings and are down in the panhandle looking for a place to live. One of his brothers and his wife are down there vacationing. All at Santa Rosa. I think she had been down there earlier with her family.
    We are well represented throughout the year:)
    Even though we aren't scheduled to be down there again until June and August, I peaked and saw 'our' house is available after Xmas. I hate to leave right after Xmas. Hate to drive in bad weather as we did one year. Don't want to miss a bowl game since we are a football school again, so maybe we'll do like we did last year....work them both in. Last year we went to 30A via Charlotte NC from the Ville:)

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