Need to hire entertainment for the upcoming season?

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    Southern Groove is your one stop shop! Most of you think of karaoke when you think of Southern Groove. However we also have a broad range of talented musicians who would love to entertain your customers. Also, for those of you on a tighter budget we offer Rock Band and Dance Revolution parties. Southern Groove has years of experience entertaining kids of all ages (1-101). We are versatile and specialize in catering to your needs.

    We plan to bring back singer/songwriter night this season and interest is high so book early if you want to lock in your night for that show. We have a great lineup so far!
    If you are a musician with at least 15 minutes worth of original music, get in touch with me about booking

    This year we are also offering a variation of singer/songwriter night. There are two main differences from last years show. The first is we will only have seasoned musicans, and second, fewer musicains will play longer sets.

    Maybe you are looking for something a little different. Give Southern Groove a call. As I mentioned before, we specialize in catering to you. So far every service we have added has been based on customer demand.

    For booking and info:
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