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From the old days - we've got photos!!! Check out our #ThrowbackThursday photos every Thursday of the year. OK, so some of them aren't so vintage, but when you're on SoWal time, 15 years seems ancient. Things just aren't supposed to move very fast at the beach, so -  SLOW DOWN! YOU'RE HERE!

Most of our archive is from about 2000 and the dawn of decent digital cameras. It's easy to search up a particular day. Older photos mean somone took the time to scan and donate to our archive to share. These we hardly ever know the day it was taken and are usually fuzzy about the year also.

Moon Creek Studios started in 1998 and my first digital camera was a Kodak DC20 at an amazing 0.20 megapixals. That's 1/5th of a megapixal! Kodak was the leader in digital for a short time before Nikon and Canon zoomed past. The DC20 was in my hands for about 3 minutes before it became obsolete. launched a bit later in 2004.

Enjoy our #ThrowbackThursday #SoWalStyle!

- Kurt Lischka,


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