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August 8, 2013 by Jill Tanner

30A Local Properties was first conceived two years ago by Bobby Johnson and Jack Emerick - two men eager to change the face of South Walton Real Estate. They ran into each other one day at a local coffee shop and quickly figured out they shared a lot of the same ideas.

With Bobby’s free-spirited, outgoing personality and Jack’s management and organizational skills, they both felt the perfect team was possible. Bobby shared his vision with Jack and they both agreed the concept was perfect. The idea gradually transformed into what it is today – a real estate firm run by locals who are focused on sharing knowledge of the area with current and future locals.


Bobby has sold real estate in the South Walton area for 13 years and has been a top-producing agent every year. He comes from an art background and has created a kind of palette for the new business. He wants to give back to the community and serve a bigger purpose by educating people about how we can all help take care of South Walton by doing things such as cleaning up after ourselves, staying off dunes, and maintaining the beauty for years to come. Bobby is an avid surfer and outdoorsman and knows South Walton like the back of his hand. He is truly a 30A Local.

"Nobody knows 30A properties like a local,” says Bobby.

Jack lives in WaterColor with his wife Debbie. Jack and Debbie bought a condo in WaterColor in 2002 and traveled back and forth from Illinois to South Walton. In 2007 they bought another home in WaterColor, and in 2010 moved down permanently. Jack couldn’t be happier to be a 30A Local.

The 30A Local Properties office is a beach lover's and surfer’s paradise. The walls are beautifully decorated with Chandler Williams’ photographs, of Modus Photography - all reminiscent of South Walton’s past and present. The furniture is coastal chic and the whole place is one big window of sunshine! With surf boards everywhere you look, the place makes you feel like you’re at the beach. The office is located in Grayton Beach, just north of Scenic 30A on County Road 283.

Beverly Johnson, Bobby’s wife, came up with the idea of using “local” in the name. Design 360 created the logo while Bobby worked with them to get the “feel” he was looking for. One day it just clicked and the beautiful logo was born. The new website, created by CYber SYtes, will be up and running very soon. It is being designed to give the same impression as the office – cool, laid-back beach vibe.

The staff is a group of happy-go-lucky folks who all share the same common goals as Jack and Bobby. Lori Smith is the office manager and Garner Chandler is the other agent, assisted by Meg Castleberry. The cool vibe that comes through 30A Local Properties is one you don’t normally find in an office setting. And when you walk in, you get the feeling that the whole staff just came up from the beach.

“We hope to be one of the most successful real estate companies in South Walton within the next three years,” Bobby says. “To me success means being in a place where we're able to enjoy life, time off with family, time to surf and play, and to not be stressed out.”

Go see a local at the new 30A Local Properties office in Grayton Beach, even if just to say hello and see the coolest office around. 


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Jill Tanner

Jill is a long-time SoWal local transplanted from Georgia. Jill enjoys writing movie scripts in her bit of spare time.

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