Fish Everywhere!

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I wrote but I have been working 14-15 hours a day, running 2 trips every day and cleaning fish for hours.

To say that fishing has been easy is putting it mildly. LOTS of big Red Snappers (had a 20-pound fish today).

Plenty of Kings with a lot in the 25 to 40 pound range. A few groupers around, plenty of Amberines and even a few cobia coming through.

Snappers, Snappers, Snappers! Fishing With Captain Larry

Red Snapper season finally opened and we have been having a blast catching some fine ones. All the boats off the beach have been coming in with a good grade of fish.

We have had a bunch of fish in the 12 to 20# class. It's great to be able to throw back a 6 to 8# Snapper and tell the folks that we really want to look for a bigger one to keep!

Runnin' Hard in SoWal

Whew ! I guess the word got out that the fishin's great and the oil is no where near here. I have been steady runnin' and with Snappers fixin' to open it's 2 trips a day as long as this great weather holds. Rather than write a long dissertation I'll let the pictures of our catches speak -

Fishin's Fantastic! Fishing With Captain Larry

Somebody needs to get up with the Chamber of Commerce and see if we can get a patent on the last 10 days. If not I sure hope we at least get summer re-runs ! The cobia run continues on with lots of fish around, the spanish are here in good numbers, there are a few groupers to be had, plenty of pinks and vermillions and, of course, the ever present Red Snappers are piled up just waiting to be caught and released.


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