Triggers, Mahi, And Coming Soon - Snappers!

The best news on the Gulf fishing scene is the that the triggers have started to move in.

After a a summer of having to catch ten to keep one of legal size, it's nice to be finding quite a few bigger ones and coming in with a nice mess of what I consider to be one of the best eating fish there is.

These folks had a blast catching Mackerel and Triggers. Yep, the kids out-fished the parents !

Pretty Days, Empty Beaches, Big Fishes

The beach has been just beautiful and there is hardly anyone in town who doesn't live here. I finished up my boat and tackle projects mid-afternoon today and went down and sat on the beach for an hour.

Boy! No wonder everybody comes here on vacation, that was nice!

While I have been rebuilding reels and working on the boat the past couple days I did run offshore four days in a row on some very beautiful weather days.

Same Fish, Different Season

Yesterday morning it was almost cool at daylight! The days are getting shorter and it won't be long before all the big Fall fish runs start. I saw the first schools of mullet in the surf today!

Right after my last report I got to take a family scallopin' over at St Joe Bay and then spend a couple days doing it myself.

The weather was overcast which kinda hurts the visibility but there were plenty of scallops.

Empty Beaches, Great Fishing & Snappers To Come

The annual migration of the tourist families back North has happened with the onset of a new school year. The beaches are empty and as much as everyone who lives here enjoys having the visitors it sure is nice to have "our" beach back to ourselves! I got to take 4 days off and went over to Indian Pass and St Joe bay for a break. The Scallopin' was great and I had a blast swimming in the Bay 3 days in a row and eating some Fine fresh Scallop dinners.

Tarpon & Tripletails - Fishing at Indian Pass

Just got back to Seagrove from 9 days at Indian Pass. I got to run 6 Tarpon trips and we put 5 to the boat and jumped off one more. The biggest fish was about 165 pounds and the smallest about 100 pounds. There seem to be plenty of fish but they have not really "ganged up" any where. Spending the time to run and look for a feed seems to be the best option this year.


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