Big and Easy - Fishing in South Walton, Florida

After a bit of a bumpy start, both weather-wise and the bite, we have settled in to some easy fishing with great limit catches of Red Snappers. The Amberjacks are STILL up in shore and we were chasing them after a snapper limit until they closed on June 1st.

Even though I have been staying away from the spots that hold big schools of 'em we still get surprised about everyday by a stray 'Jack biting a snapper bait. The groupers that had seemed to be in hiding most of the Spring suddenly started biting hot on this full moon phase.

Bait, Beer, Apparel and Adventure at Stinky's Bait Shack

Stinky’s Bait Shack has a name that belies its great selection of beach and water fare. It is the kind of place you sometimes stumble upon that is completely unexpected. The guys and gals of Stinky’s know how to do it right. Owner and chef, Jim Richard, along with Bait Shack manager, Kelli Younkin, have put a ton of thought, backed by experience, into exactly what their shop should offer.

Big Fish, Big Surf

The long awaited opening of Red Snapper season for 2015 came Saturday morning with a navy of recreational anglers ready to go catch the first of many days worth of the hard-pulling, tasty critters.

The morning started calm and pretty and I did my traditional "crack of dawn" run with my son and some friends to put a quick limit of the first fish over the rail before running my charters for the day. The reds bit hot and we were back in on the beach catching live bait for my charters in 45 minutes. I picked up my first trip at 7:30 for these folks second annual opening day trip.

Fish in the Box in South Walton

After having perfect weather for the busiest part of Spring Break we have turned kinda soggy this week. Not near as bad as what the the weather gurus have predicted though. I missed Sat, Sun. & Mon. due to rainy/windy conditions but got to run under dry but overcast skies the next 3 days even though the official forecast was 80% chance of rain.

Today is back to breezy and rain so I am on the hill again, tomorrow is anybody's guess 'cause the weatherman does not seem to have a clue.

New Boat, Old Fish

After what seemed like a whole winters' worth of cold weather (a little over a week here) we have warmed back up. I got the new "Federal" boat put together finally and was dying to get it out. Edmond, the Grayton Beach Harbor Master, and I test ran her in the bay on a windy, choppy day for the sea trial and we were pleased with the results.

In the bayou at Point Washington

Fishing Between Fronts

While we have not had near as much winter weather as our northern relatives, it is still February here at the beach. I have been very fortunate to have lots of folks wanting to go fishing lately but the weather has limited us to three trips since my last report.

The current forecast has the boat and I stuck on the hill for another week as well. Oh well, it just makes those perfect days on the water even sweeter if we have to deal with what most of the country thinks of as "reality" or normal for just a little bit.


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