Fishing in Two Time Zones

I just got back from a week of beautiful (but chilly) fishing over at Indian Pass. One of my regulars likes to come in the Fall and chase Redfish up in the skinny water so I poled the flats boat around for several days and we saw LOTS of Redfish to throw at.

As always, it's technical fishing and that lure has to land in just the right spot under their nose for 'em to see it and eat. I do love sight fishing though, nothing more exciting than making that perfect cast without spooking a fish in barely enough water to cover it's back and watching it inhale a lure.

As The Temps Cool the Bite Heats Up

The temperature has started cooling down and the days are getting noticeable shorter. The bite continues to heat up as the fish get their "fill up for winter" feed into gear. The triggers are getting a little more consistent, as are the Kings, the Scamp bite remains hot and the Vermillion snapper are piled up on lots of inshore rocks.

There seems to have been a movement of Jacks up in shore recently, both lesser (Amberines) and greater (AJs). The Flounders have not shown up yet but there have been a few cobia starting the return trip back South.

Stinky's Kicks Off Beach to Bay Tournament with Oyster Festival Oct 4

Stinky's Bait Shack is busy planning for their first annual Stinky's Beach to Bay, Grand Slam Fishing Tournament coming up Oct. 4 through Nov 15, 2014. To kick off the tournament, Stinky's Oyster Festival will be held next door at Stinky's Fish Camp on October 4 from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Falling into Fishing at Grayton Beach

While the water temp may still be 87, you can tell that the seasons are starting to change. The weather pattern is moving into Fall and all the finny critters are starting to gang up and do the big feed before the winter migration in a couple months when it cools down.

There has been a lot of bait right off the beach the past 10 days and a big push of clear gulf water in close as well. That combination always means the pelagics will be in close and this time is no exception.

Return to Paradise

Ah yes, it's after the Labor Day holiday and our little slice of the earth is back to almost paradise again. The beach is about empty, there are no lines at the grocery or restaurants and the only boats fishing off Grayton are the couple that launched from there.

We have had clear water and pretty clear skies since I came back from Indian Pass. A little bit of surf this weekend kept everyone from fishing a couple trips but you could not have asked for a finer day than this morning. The beach is always at it's best after most of the vacationers are gone!


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