New Boat, Old Fish

After what seemed like a whole winters' worth of cold weather (a little over a week here) we have warmed back up. I got the new "Federal" boat put together finally and was dying to get it out. Edmond, the Grayton Beach Harbor Master, and I test ran her in the bay on a windy, choppy day for the sea trial and we were pleased with the results.

In the bayou at Point Washington

Fishing Between Fronts

While we have not had near as much winter weather as our northern relatives, it is still February here at the beach. I have been very fortunate to have lots of folks wanting to go fishing lately but the weather has limited us to three trips since my last report.

The current forecast has the boat and I stuck on the hill for another week as well. Oh well, it just makes those perfect days on the water even sweeter if we have to deal with what most of the country thinks of as "reality" or normal for just a little bit.

Fishing Where I Belong

I have been back in South Walton for a week now and while our 1,700 mile tour of Florida was interesting I'm glad to be fishing off Grayton again. My wife and I towed the camper from here down the West Coast to Everglades City, across to the East Coast, up to St. Augustine and back to Seagrove in 12 days. I got to see and fish a bunch of Florida I have never seen in my almost 60 years of living here and visited a lot places I had great memories of from fishing and surfing back in the early '70's B.K. (before kids).

Vintage SoWal - Boys Love Big Fish

I love this photo and have a big copy of it on my wall. It's our old friend Maunsel White and two of his friends on the docks in Destin back in the sixties sometime.

- Payson Comer Howard

Photo from the family archive of Payson Comer Howard Payson and crew are based in Seagrove Beach, offering vacaiton rentals and services every day all along SoWal Beaches to help you make your own vacation memories at Sunburst Beach Vacations - It's Time To Vacation!

Captain's Holiday

After a bit of a rough and blowy start to the new year we have had some fantastic weather here at the beach the past several days. I did something I have never done before and turned down trips during the calm pattern this weekend so I could take off and attend the 30A Songwriters Festival here in SoWal.

Plenty of Fish for a New Year

Happy new Year! I hope everybody had a joyous and family-filled holiday this year. I was fortunate to have all my kids home for Christmas as well as get to run some great trips over the holidays.

As always the 10 days around Christmas and New Years are the busiest of the winter and get booked up for every day. And, as usual, the weather blows winter for about half that time.... I got to run 6 trips since my last report and we had great success on all of 'em.

Merry Fishmas SoWal

Merry Christmas everybody. I hope that all my anglers find that perfect gift under the tree in a couple days. Doesn't matter if it's a new flats boat, a gold reel or a new rubber shrimp, we are all easily entertained by new fishin' stuff! Sometimes the time spent dreaming of using a new piece of tackle or lure can be just as much fun as when we finally get to use it.

Fishing in Two Time Zones

I just got back from a week of beautiful (but chilly) fishing over at Indian Pass. One of my regulars likes to come in the Fall and chase Redfish up in the skinny water so I poled the flats boat around for several days and we saw LOTS of Redfish to throw at.

As always, it's technical fishing and that lure has to land in just the right spot under their nose for 'em to see it and eat. I do love sight fishing though, nothing more exciting than making that perfect cast without spooking a fish in barely enough water to cover it's back and watching it inhale a lure.


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