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Beachy Coffee Company

Beachy Coffee Company is an online shop that specializes in organic coffee, tea, and accessories. The beachy lifestyle brand captures a free spirited 70’s surfers vibe – a vibe that says you don’t have to be on the sand to enjoy the beachy state of mind.

Having lived in some of the most pristine beach areas in the world, including South Walton, Owner Bob DeBellis appreciates the less is more lifestyle. He spent a year developing a few carefully selected blends of organic coffee and tea for everyday enjoyment.

Beachy Coffee Company has four signature blends of organic coffee available in whole bean or ground packages. The coffee is micro roasted in small batches to control the equality of the beans for better flavor.

Surf’s Up is a popular choice for those who love smooth full-bodied brews – minus the charred taste often associated with dark French roasts. Sea Breeze is a classic medium roast with bright, crisp finish-as refreshing as a walk on the beach.

Lazy Days Decaf combines the perfect blend of nutty and earthy tones for moments when you just want to chill. CAT 5 is a smooth brew with a hint of sweetness that packs a punch with double the caffeine of your typical cup of coffee-giving you that extra focus to help you own the day.


Beachy Tea comes in 8 signature flavors – from Darjeeling Tea grown at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains to energizing Ginseng Tea for an extra pick-me-up. Pyramid sachets offer the quality and flavor of loose-leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. Best of all, they’re made with biodegradable material containing no glue or staples. Beachy Tea comes in a reusable tin that’s so attractive you’ll want to keep it on display or reuse it long after the last bag is steeped.

Organic coffee and tea set a high bar for quality that Beachy Coffee gear lives up to with surfer-dude ease. The early 1970’s surf theme is simple and fun with a Volkswagen Surfer Van logo. (Big Bug!) It serves as a reminder that you don’t have to be at the beach to be in a beachy state of mind.

BeachyCoffeeCompany.com is your online destination for organic coffee, tea, apparel and kitchen accessories. Pick up soft beachy tees, bistro mugs, handmade cherry wood coffee scoops, and high-grade grinders. Whistling kettles and stoneware tea sets make afternoon tea a special occasion to look forward to every day.

Beachy Coffee Company is a one stop shop for a taste of the beach life. Shop coffee, tea, and gear at www.beachycoffeecompany.com. Get the scoop on everything from micro roasting to grinders, and sign up for Beachy News while you’re there. Follow Beachy Coffee at  facebook.com/BeachyCoffeeCompany and on Insta @beachycoffeecompany for the latest happenings.

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