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BlueGreen Landscape & Garden Supplies

BlueGreen Landscape is a full service landscaping business serving South Walton area residential and commercial properties since 2009. BlueGreen opened the new garden shop in Dune Allen Beach in the fall of 2014. The boutique nursery offers a variety of seasonal plants and trees along with a selection of unique garden and home accessories such as drift wood, gardening supplies, planters, mulch, potting soil, pine straw, firewood, hammocks and much more! The shop also carries indoor/outdoor candles, soaps, decorative bowls, local art and jewelry.

BlueGreen Landscape services for your residential or commercial land include: irrigation services, landscape lighting, landscape installation,landscape maintenance, tractor grading and clearing, drainage systems, pavers, retaining walls, driveaways, landscape beds, fire pits, etc.

BlueGreen Landscape is locally owned and operated. The landscape team is trained on the techniques and plants that work best in the coastal area of Northwest Florida.

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