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Centerline Martial Arts School

Centerline Martial Arts School of Wing Chun Kung Fu       

Derived from south China, Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) is a direct and explosive combat form of martial arts. Wing Chun combines devastating attacks, agile stances, and footwork to deliver a decisive result in a real world combat situation.  Along with  building a better mind, body, and spirit.  

Over the years Sifu Chris Damiano has traveled the world and continues to go to Hong Kong to train. Sifu Damiano is a direct student of Ip Ching, son of Ip Man.  He is the only certified instructor in the area through the Ving Tsun Althetic Association and the Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association of Hong Kong. 

The late Ip Man was a renowned Wing Chun master that helped to bring Wing Chun to the western world through his students, including the very famous Bruce Lee. The Ip Man style of Wing Chun is flourishing throughout the world and is now here in Destin, Florida where Sifu Damiano continues to pass on the art through Grandmaster Ip Ching's teachings.

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