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Florida Beaches For All

Our Mission - Simply put, our mission is to peacefully preserve and perpetuate the doctrine of Customary Use of ALL BEACHES in Florida.

We seek the peaceful restoration of Customary Use on our beaches through proper legal protocol and forthright communications.

We lead with transparency, honesty and integrity.

We communicate and educate the beach going public on any and all issues and incidences related to the Customary Use of our beaches.  

We utilize resources lawfully and respectfully, encouraging thoughtful stewardship of our coastal environments.

We engage in honest interactions as they arise, and we will hold ourselves to the same standards of behavior we expect of others.

We seek to continually educate ourselves and others.

We share the beaches and advocate for equal use.

What is Customary Use?
A doctrine that describes the inalienable right of people to walk upon and lawfully and respectfully use ALL BEACHES for recreation as they have for thousands of years.

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