For The Health Of It Juice and Smoothie Bar

Get juiced at For The Health of It Juice Bar-the original juice and smoothie bar on Scenic 30A. For The Health Of It is always bringing something new to the menu and researching delicious and healthy combinations. Creating the best-tasting, best-for-you drinks is easy when using organic ingredients gathered from their in-store produce department.

For the Health of It serves Certified Organic Fresh Juices with nine thirst quenching selections to choose from. Best seller Great Green has the nutrients from seasonal greens that your body craves, along with a splash of lemon to create a wonderful flavor. Healthy Shots include ginger and wheatgrass straight up, among others, for a quick pick me up.

For The Health of It’s smoothies are great tasting drinks designed to promote healthy living. Choose from 17 recipes that taste light and refreshing and get you moving. Add protein powders, vitamins, and even green foods to any of their special drinks to meet your individual health needs.

If you’re feeling creative or craving something your body needs, the friendly staff at the Juice Bar will gladly help you create your own concoction. Pick a juice, choose some fruit, decide on any additives or special considerations and they’ll blend it right up!

While you shop at For the Health of It, you are always welcome to sip on a healthy treat from the Juice Bar. If you’re in a hurry, feel free to call in advance and they’ll have your drink waiting for you.

For the Health of It Juice and Smoothie Bar is located on Scenic 30A in Blue Mountain Beach. The Juice Bar is open Monday through Saturday from 9-5. Call ahead with orders or questions at 850.267.0558. Visit to see the full menu. And follow For the Health of It on Facebook for updates.

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