Formula Fresh Juice & Coffee Bar - Blue Mountain Beach

Formula Fresh Juice & Coffee Bar, located at Redfish Village, is on a mission to provide healthy alternatives and practical solutions for everyday nutrition.  All while staying true to the belief that food should be simple, nutritious and delicious.

The restaurant highlights the benefits of organic, clean eating and drinking. While the menu features signature cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and primal snacks, formulated to give your palette (and body) a daily dose of healthy bliss.

Most of the items on the menu are made in house from whole ingredients. Formula Fresh specializes in healthy options for vegans, rawtarians, gluten-free followers and Paleos alike.

Formula Fresh Juicery and Coffeehouse emerged from a growing need for healthy and convenient nutrition. The healthy hotspot caters to individuals with specific dietary needs, as well the average person seeking healthier options.

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